Why your thyroid medicine isn't working

September 08, 2012
Volume 2    |   Issue 70
Samantha has been taking a thyroid medication for several years now. She has hypothyroidism and needs the medication to keep her metabolism running smoothly. But a few months ago, she noticed her energy level was dropping. So she visited her doctor.

After the usual tests, her doctor said everything seemed to be fine. Her hormone levels were up, her iodine level was optimal, and her medication dose was right where it needed to be. So what was the problem?

The doctor wasn’t sure, so he gave her some herbs and supplements to promote better thyroid health. But they didn’t have much of an impact.

The doctor was perplexed. So he ordered a battery of tests to see if there was something else missing. When the tests came back, only one thing stood out. Samantha’s vitamin D levels were low. After doing a little research, the doctor ran across the work of Richard Shames, MD. Dr. Shames is one of the leading experts on thyroid problems and has written several books on thyroid disease.

Dr. Shames said in a recent interview, “Thyroid treatment isn't optimal – and may not work – if you do not have adequate Vitamin D for the crucial final metabolic step, which takes place at the site where thyroid hormone actually works. This happens inside the nucleus of the cell. Vitamin D needs to be present at sufficient levels in the cell in order for the thyroid hormone to actually affect that cell. That is why vitamin D is so crucial.”

The discovery encouraged the doctor to give Samantha 5,000 IU of vitamin D3. Sure enough, the treatment worked. Within weeks, Samantha’s energy level returned, she dropped a few pounds, and she felt great. The vitamin D was the missing link in her thyroid’s health.

So if you’re on thyroid medication and it just doesn’t seem to be working well, try taking vitamin D3. It’s readily available by following this link. And it may be just what you’re missing.

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