Beat muscle pain with a tasty juice

October 08, 2012
Volume 2    |   Issue 79
Whether you have chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, or just worked too hard in the yard yesterday, you know how miserable muscle pain can be. Muscle pain is so common, it’s one of the top reasons people reach for over-the-counter painkillers. But these drugs can lead to kidney failure, heart problems, and severe stomach damage.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to reduce pain without taking drugs. I’ve talked about many of these in past issues of Nutrient Insider. But researchers recently found another way that you may not have considered.

In this study, researchers from Oregon`s Health and Science University wanted to find out the impact of tart cherry juice on muscle pain. And they had a great opportunity right there in Oregon.

Every August, over 8,000 people run in the grueling Hood to Coast relay race. This race starts at Mount Hood and runs 199 miles to Seaside, Ore. It pushes every member of each team to their limit, causing severe muscle pain in all of them. To see if the tart cherry juice would reduce the muscle pain of these athletes, the researchers asked them to drink 10.5 ounces of juice twice every day for all seven days prior to the race. Then they asked them to drink it every eight hours during the race.

“The bottom line is those runners who used tart cherry juice had less inflammation and faster muscle strength recovery,” said the study’s lead author, Kerry Kuehl, M.D. She is the associate professor of medicine in the OHSU School of Medicine. And the athletes had zero side effects from drinking the juice.

Why did the cherry juice work so well? Turns out cherries have the highest anti-inflammatory effect of any food. That’s because they contain anthocyanins, the same COX-1 and COX-2 inhibiting enzyme you’ll find in NSAIDs. In fact, a study done at Michigan State University in 2001 found that cherries contain as many anthocyanins as two common over-the-counter NSAIDs.

Since muscle pain affects all of us, we all need to eat plenty of cherries when they’re in season, and drink tart cherry juice regularly. If you’re taking Advanced Greens Formula, you’re already getting 180 mg of acerola fruit. Acerola is a West Indian cherry that’s a rich source of anthocyanins and many other healthful nutrients. Mixing this formula with your tart cherry juice will supercharge your nutrient intake and your body’s ability to fight muscle pain.

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