How to supercharge the cancer-fighting ability of selenium

November 19, 2012
Volume 2    |   Issue 91
You probably know that selenium is a powerful cancer-fighting mineral. In 1996, a study out of the University of Arizona showed that selenium can reduce cancer deaths by 42%. Another study in the Journal of the American Medical Association said selenium can cut cancer deaths in half. But wouldn’t it be great if we could make selenium work even better? A new study may have uncovered a way to do just that.

Researchers at the PolyTechnic University in Hong Kong say that a natural element found in mushrooms can supercharge selenium’s ability to fight cancer. The element is a polysaccharide-protein complex (PSP) in Tiger Milk mushrooms. The researchers found that these PSPs can stabilize selenium and make it far more effective.

Selenium has a binding effect. That means it tends to bind together. When selenium is in nano-sized particles, it has strong anti-cancer effects. But when these particles bind together into larger aggregates, it reduces the mineral’s ability to fight cancer.

This study looked at PSP’s ability to stabilize selenium and keep it from binding together. It was so effective, it literally freed selenium to become a highly effective destroyer of breast cancer cells.

Dr. Wong Ka-hing, the lead researcher for this study, said: “Mushroom PSP has striking effects on controlling selenium nanoparticles and a better understanding of this mechanism may help us find the next suitable compounds and make better nano-medicines for a whole host of cancers.”

So where can you find PSPs or Tiger Milk mushrooms? Tiger Milk mushroom products are hard to find. There are some available, but I can’t tell you how effective they are. The main ingredient to look for is the PSPs. You’ll find PSPs products in some health food stores, though you’ll have to really search. You also can find PSPs in other mushrooms, including Turkey Tail. Turkey Tail is one of the top cancer-fighting mushrooms in Japan.

Fortunately, there’s a readily available mushroom product that contains Turkey Tail. You can order MycoPhyto Complex by following this link. Taken with a quality multivitamin like Healthy Resolve that contains selenium, MycoPhyto can supercharge your immune system to help fight many diseases. While this study suggests that the PSP-containing Turkey Tail in MycoPhyto can fight cancer, I can’t guarantee that it will. But I do know that the absolute best way to fight any disease, including cancer, is to boost your immune system. And MycoPhyto is one of the best immune boosters available.

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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. "Preparation of anti-tumor nanoparticles using tiger milk mushroom." ScienceDaily, 6 Aug. 2012. Web. 14 Nov. 2012.

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