Common vitamin allows pancreatic cancer sufferers to live 12 months longer

February 25, 2013
Volume 3    |   Issue 16
You may have heard that any cancer patient on chemotherapy should not take vitamins, as they may interfere with the chemo. But new research is showing that just the opposite happens. In fact, adding high doses of one vitamin can add a year to your life if you have pancreatic cancer.

As you may know, pancreatic cancer is usually a death sentence. Most people with this form of cancer live only about five or six months. Fortunately, some doctors, like Nicholas Gonzalez, MD in New York, are having better results with this disease than conventional medicine. That's because they're willing to look outside the traditional chemo, radiation, and surgery methods of treatment.

And now we've learned that even if you use chemo, there's a way to increase your life expectancy. All you have to do is use intravenous vitamin C.

In this study, doctors infused 50-125 grams of vitamin C into pancreatic cancer sufferers. They gave the vitamin C once a week for at least 60 days (some took it for nearly 18 months). They also gave the participants their regular weekly chemo treatments. Here's what happened:

During the study, the patients lost an average of only 11 pounds. That's a lot less than expected. The worst side effects experienced (if any) were mild diarrhea and dry mouth. The vitamin C stopped the progression of the cancer for 26 weeks on average. And they all lived an average of 12 months longer than expected. Two of the participants lived for 15 months. And one, remarkably, lived for 29 months – over two years. That means we might be able to improve this treatment.

These results are astounding! My friend and colleague, Robert Rowen, MD (editor of Second Opinion), has used IV vitamin C with great success in fighting cancer. And other studies show that it can reduce inflammation markers in cancer patients by 76%. In fact, this same study found that IV vitamin C decreased tumor markers in 77% of prostate cancer patients and 73% of breast cancer patients.

So if you have any type of cancer, you'll want to talk to your doctor about using high doses of vitamin C intravenously. It could save your life – or at least allow you to live longer and better than you would with chemo alone.

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