Preventing and treating kidney stones with a plant

March 30, 2013
Volume 3    |   Issue 25
On Monday, I showed you an easy way to prevent kidney stones. Today, I'm going to show you another way to prevent the painful stones. And I've got a home remedy that can help if you do get a stone.

Since many kidney stones are the result of too much salt in your diet and urinary tract, it's vital you keep your urinary tract free from salt buildup. Two studies show that a common medicinal plant can help maintain the health of your urinary tract, including your kidneys.

The first study looked at whether aloe vera would protect the kidneys of type-2 diabetics from degeneration. Diabetes is extremely harsh on your kidneys and often leads to kidney failure. High blood sugar levels overwork the kidneys and cause them to malfunction. The disease also increases your risk of kidney stones. The researchers in this study found that aloe vera does indeed protect your kidneys from degeneration.

The second study looked at whether aloe vera extract could prevent the formation of kidney stones. This study, from Thailand, found that the aloe extract significantly reduces the amount of oxalate your body excretes, which would reduce the likelihood of a stone forming. But it found something else that is perhaps more important in preventing kidney stones.

The researchers also found that the aloe increases urinary volume. That means better flow and better kidney function. The more volume you send through your urinary tract, the less likely you'll suffer from salt crystallization. As I discussed on Monday, salt crystallization is a major cause of kidney stones. So taking the aloe with plenty of water can significantly decrease your risk of developing these painful stones.

But what if you do develop a stone? Can aloe help? There's an old folk remedy that many people say works great on breaking stones down. This remedy does require access to an aloe vera plant. Simply take one leaf of the plant and cut it length-wise. You don't have to cut more than an inch. Then peel the skin back and take a small bite of the inside gel. Repeat this every three to four hours. Don't take too much, as aloe can have laxative effects and also can cause nausea if you take too much.

Taking aloe along with eating a diet rich in calcium (not calcium supplements) can almost eliminate your risk of getting a kidney stone. If you're already taking Advanced Greens Formula, you're already getting 50 mg of aloe vera extract, which is similar to the extract used in the second study I mentioned earlier.

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“Indian Journal of Experimental Biology”; Effect of Aloe Vera (L.) Burm. fil. Leaf Gel and Pulp Extracts on Kidney in Type-II Diabetic Rat Models; S. Bolkent et al.; January 2004.

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