Powerful fruit extract kills colon cancer cells better than chemo – with no side effect

April 01, 2013
Volume 3    |   Issue 29
If I walked up to an oncologist and told him that there's a natural extract that kills colon cancer better than chemotherapy, he probably would think I was crazy. But that's exactly what a team of researchers is saying based on the results of their latest study. In fact, they found that the extract significantly outperformed chemo – and it didn't matter what dose they used.

In this study, the researchers wanted to know if the cancer protection of apples would extend to colon cancer. You see, previous studies have shown that apples can fight cancers of the breast, ovary, lung, and liver. So the researchers were expanding on these results.

To do so, they added apple oligosaccharides to cultured human HT29 colon cancer cells. And they did so at various concentrations. Then they compared the results to the most commonly used chemo drugs. They found that the apple extract outperformed the chemo at every single concentration level. In other words, it didn't matter how much they used – it still outperformed the drug.

The apple extract actually caused programmed cell death (apoptosis) better than the chemo drug. At 0.9 micrograms per mL (about 0.9 parts per million), the apple extract killed 17.6% of cancer cells, while the chemo drug killed only 10.9% (even at a higher concentration – 1.3 micrograms per mL).

What's more, you can use much higher concentrations of the apple extract because it is completely non-toxic to healthy cells. This is important, because at higher concentrations (9.0 PPM), the apple extract killed 46% of the colon cancer cells. But they couldn't test the chemo drug at these levels because it's toxic.

This is extremely important for both those with cancer and for those who want to prevent it. Eating raw apples is great for preventing cancer, but it might not be enough if you're at high risk. And it's certainly not enough if you already have cancer. If you have cancer, you'll want to take this information to an integrative physician and see how you can incorporate an apple extract into your treatment regimen.

If you don't have cancer, eat an apple a day. And if you're at high risk, consider adding an apple peel extract, such as AppleBoost to your daily supplement regimen. It could help keep the oncologist away.

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