Is hearing loss an early sign of an impending heart attack?

April 13, 2013
Volume 3    |   Issue 29
On Monday, I showed you how the heart nutrient CoQ10 can help treat hearing loss. The more I study hearing loss, the more it appears that there's a connection between non-noise-related hearing loss and circulatory issues. This isn't always the case, but evidence of the connection is growing.

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In fact, if you have heart disease, you're far more likely to suffer from hearing loss. One study out of University of Wisconsin found that hearing loss was 54% more likely to occur in those with heart disease than those who have healthy hearts. But there's more. If you've suffered a heart attack, this study found that you're 80% more likely to suffer some hearing loss than those who have never suffered a heart attack.

These researchers also found that those who exercise at least once a week didn't suffer hearing loss as often as those with a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise alone, the researchers said, can reduce your hearing loss risk by 32%.

The reason hearing loss is so interconnected with your heart is because of all the tiny capillaries in your ear. They feed the nerves surrounding your ear and make all the intricate parts of the ear work properly. When your blood thickens, it can't reach these capillaries as well, and it affects your hearing.

That's the bad news. The great news is that since hearing is connected to your heart, we now have a way to treat it. We know that supplements can have a tremendous impact on the health of your heart and your entire vascular system. That means we can have an equally amazing impact on your hearing - especially in preventing hearing loss.

For instance, the herb ginkgo biloba is a fantastic natural blood thinner. It helps thin your blood without making it so thin that your blood won't clot when you're injured. So ginkgo helps increase blood flow to your entire head, including your ears. Ginkgo is also a natural anti-inflammatory, so it helps reduce inflammation in your blood vessels, including those tiny capillaries in your ears.

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Ginkgo isn't the only nutrient that can provide benefit to your ears. Other heart-healthy nutrients like magnesium, niacin, polyphenols (especially those in green tea), alpha lipoic acid, N-acetyl-l-cysteine, an acetyl-l-carnitine all can provide significant benefits for your heart and for your ears. You can now find all of these nutrients - and many more - in a new product from Advanced Bionutritionals called Advanced Hearing Formula. This product puts all the proper dosages for each of these nutrients in one place. I encourage you to try it and let me know how it works for you.

One final note: Nutrients are not like drugs that work almost instantly, but have significant side effects. They work slowly, balancing out your body's entire vascular system. So you have to give these nutrients a few months to work.

Your insider for better health,

Steve Kroening

Steve Kroening is the editor of Nutrient Insider, a twice-a-week email newsletter that brings you the latest healing breakthroughs from the world of nutrition and dietary supplements. For over 20 years, Steve has worked hand-in-hand with some of the nation's top doctors, including Drs. Robert Rowen, Frank Shallenberger, Nan Fuchs, William Campbell Douglass, and best-selling author James Balch. Steve is the author of the book Practical Guide to Home Remedies. As a health journalist, Steve's articles have appeared in countless magazines, blogs, and websites.


"The Association Between Cardiovascular Disease and Cochlear Function in Older Adults." Population Health Program Faculty, University of Wisconsin, First Annual Population Health Poster Session selected abstracts 2001-2002.

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