Turmeric and this tasty spice reduce heart disease risks by up to 68%

December 02, 2013
Volume 3    |   Issue 96

As you probably already know, turmeric is a fabulous spice. Its ability to lower inflammation and fight disease is legendary. But did you know you can make it work even better? In fact, a new study says that combining it with another spice can make it even more effective at fighting heart disease.

In this study, researchers from South Korea tested the effects of turmeric and laurel leaf extract on zebrafish. These fish are sensitive to high cholesterol, so they provide an effective means of testing how the nutrients can impact human heart disease.

The researchers gave the two nutrients to two separate groups of zebrafish and compared their impact to fish that didn't take the extracts. The researchers were surprised at the extent of benefit they saw. The fish taking the turmeric saw a 48% reduction in their cholesterol and a 68% decrease in their triglycerides. Those taking the laurel leaf extract experienced a 28% drop in their cholesterol levels and a 56% decrease in their triglycerides.

But that's not all. They also saw a decrease in their weight. And we also know that these two spices can lower blood sugar levels and arterial plaque. In other words, combining these two spices can dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease and having a heart attack.

You may have noticed that the turmeric worked slightly better than the laurel leaf. This isn't surprising, as turmeric is one of the most health-enriching herbs around. But the results of the laurel leaf aren't too shabby. In fact, most drug companies would love to have these results from their products.

What's great about these two spices is that you don't have to take supplements to experience their benefit. Both of them are easy to add to your food. Turmeric is very popular in Indian food. But you can add it to other foods as well.

You may not be as familiar with laurel leaf - at least not by that name. Laurel leaf is another name for bay leaves. You've probably been cooking with them for years.

While adding them to your food is a great way to experience their benefits, you can take them in supplement form as well. Both extracts are available at most health food stores and online. And you can get the most absorbable form of turmeric in Advanced Bionutritionals Reduloxin. As you can see from this study, it might be worth your while to combine the two herbs, especially if you suffer from heart disease or any of these risk factors.

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Journal of Medicinal Food, 2011

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