Lower your blood pressure as well as drugs with an inexpensive food

December 07, 2013
Volume 3    |   Issue 97

You may have heard that one of the best ways to stay healthy is to stay away from your doctor. While there's some tongue-in-cheek in the suggestion, there is some truth to it. The main reason for the truth is that most doctors today resort to drugs for treatment.

In fact, the number one reason people visit their doctor today is to control high blood pressure. And, of course, the number one treatment is hypertension drugs, which can be very dangerous. Well, you don't have to take drugs to control your blood pressure. And you don't have to visit your doctor quite so often.

For years, we've heard that fish oil is a great way to lower your blood pressure. Many studies have shown that it works quite well for many people. But some people have found that lowering their blood pressure is a real challenge. That's why about 60% of hypertension patients turn to pharmaceuticals. But what if you could take something else right along with fish oil and lower your high blood pressure even more than the drugs can do - and it's far safer?

A new study out of Canada just published the results of the first known study on flax seeds and hypertension. And the results were very impressive.

In this study, the researchers followed 110 people with peripheral artery disease. Most of them also had high blood pressure. They divided the participants into two groups and told each group to eat bagels and muffins daily. Then they asked them to increase their consumption slightly over the next six months.

What the participants didn't know was that one group ate bagels and muffins laced with milled flax seeds. The other group ate normal baked goods without the flax seeds.

After six months, the researchers found that those participants with systolic (upper number) numbers at or above 140 and ate flax saw their pressure come down by an average of 15 points. And those with diastolic readings (lower number) at or above 90 had their pressure come down by seven points on average. In other words, a blood pressure of 140/90 came down to about 125/83, which is almost normal.

One of the Canadian researchers said, “These decreases are amongst the most potent dietary interventions observed and comparable to current medications.” Read that again! Is it possible a simple food can lower your blood pressure as much as a drug? Absolutely!

What's more, combining flax seeds or flaxseed oil with fish oil could lower your blood pressure even more effectively than the drugs. Our family loves to add ground flax seed to our eggs, salads, and other food. And we also take flaxseed oil along with fish oil, which you can find in combination in Complete Daily Oils. This combination, and a healthy diet and exercise, could be all you need to keep your blood pressure in a healthy range. And it could keep you out of the doctor's office!

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