Treating hepatitis C and preventing relapses with a nutrient you can take with interferon

August 30, 2014
Volume 4    |   Issue 67

If you have hepatitis C, two things likely are going to happen. First, your doctor is going to prescribe interferon, ribavirin, or a similar drug. Second, you're going to experience side effects. These drugs are very strong. And it's rare to experience no side effects. Fortunately, there's something you can take with these drugs that will significantly treat the hepatitis and, perhaps, reduce or eliminate your need for the powerful drugs.

Part of the diagnosis for hepatitis C is abnormal levels of serum alanine aminotransferase. This enzyme is one of the primary markers for liver damage. In hepatitis sufferers, it's often at twice the normal  level. So researchers wanted to know if the nutrient polyunsaturated phospatidyl-choline could lower these levels.

For this study, the researchers followed 176 patients for 72 weeks. The patients had either hepatitis B and took 5 million IU of interferon or hepatitis C and took 3 million IU of interferon. They took their respective doses three times weekly for 24 weeks. Then the researchers randomly gave them a daily dose of either six capsules of polyunsaturated phospatidyl-choline (1.8 g) or six capsules of a placebo for another 24 weeks.

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At this point, the researchers measured their response to the therapy. They defined a positive response as a reduction of alanine aminotransferase by more than 50% of their initial values. Then the researchers took those who responded, took them off the interferon, and gave them either polyunsaturated phospatidyl-choline or a placebo for an additional 24 weeks.

Here's what they found. Among those patients taking the interferon and the polyunsaturated phospatidyl-choline, 71% had their enzyme levels drop at least 50%. Only 56% of those taking the placebo saw a similar decline. That means that taking polyunsaturated phospatidyl-choline had 15% better response. The researchers said the bulk of this positive response was in those with hepatitis C. They had a 20% better response than those taking the placebo. However, the polyunsaturated phospatidyl-choline did not cause a significant response in those with hepatitis B.

Here's what this means. If you have hepatitis C, you should be taking polyunsaturated phospatidyl-choline. Not only will it help treat the condition when you have a relapse, it also can help prevent further relapses. The researchers said "In contrast to interferon and other antiviral agents, polyunsaturated phospatidyl-choline does not carry major risks and is tolerated very well."

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Niederau C1, Strohmeyer G, Heintges T, Peter K, Göpfert E. "Polyunsaturated phosphatidyl-choline and interferon alpha for treatment of chronic hepatitis B and C: a multi-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial." Leich Study Group. Hepatogastroenterology. 1998 May-Jun;45(21):797-804.


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