This nutrient prevents the flu 3 times better than the vaccine - and it's particularly effective for those with heart disease

December 20, 2014
Volume 4    |   Issue 99

On Tuesday, I told you that there's a nutrient you can use to prevent the flu that's three times more effective than the flu shot. What I didn't mention was that this nutrient is particularly effective for those with heart disease. So before you get the flu shot, take a look at what these researchers are saying about this nutrient.

The researchers in this study wanted to compare the usual anti-influenza vaccination with oral colostrum. Colostrum, as you may know, is the first mammary product produced during pregnancy. It is lower in fat and higher in protein than normal cow's milk. It doesn't actually contain milk, so most people with dairy allergies don't have a problem with colostrum (though some people might).

Colostrum helps supercharge the baby's immune system right after birth. Newborns have a very immature digestive system, so the colostrum delivers highly concentrated, low-volume nutrition, making it easy to digest and absorb.

For the study, the researchers divided the participants into four groups. One group didn't receive any treatment, another group took colostrum, a third group took the vaccine plus colostrum, and the final group had just the vaccine. After two months of treatment and three more months of follow-up, the researchers found that those who didn't take any colostrum had three times as many days with the flu as those who did take colostrum.

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The researchersThe group taking just the colostrum had only 13 episodes. The group taking the colostrum and the vaccine had 14 episodes. Compare that to the group taking just the vaccine, which had 41 episodes. And the placebo group had 57. The vaccine did have some benefit. But those taking the colostrum had significantly better results. In fact, those taking the colostrum were over four times less likely to suffer from the flu than those who didn't take anything.

But that wasn't the end of this study. In the second part, the researchers wanted to know if the colostrum would help very high-risk patients with heart disease fight off the flu better than the vaccine. These patients are far more likely to have severe complications and even die from the flu than healthy individuals.

In this part of the study, the researchers found that the colostrum was far superior for heart patients. Those who didn't take the colostrum had much higher incidence of complications and hospital admission. Fortunately, none of the participants died during the study, but more complications and trips to the hospital definitely increase your risk of dying from the flu.

The researchers concluded: "Colostrum, both in healthy subjects and high-risk cardiovascular patients, is at least three times more effective than vaccination to prevent flu and is very cost-effective." I agree completely. I prefer Colostrum-LD. The "LD" stands for liposomal delivery, which increases its absorption by up to 1500%. Without the "LD," your stomach acids destroy some of the components of the colostrum before your body can absorb them. This reduces the colostrum's effectiveness.

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