Can medicinal mushrooms keep invasive breast cancer from spreading to the lungs?

May 5, 2015
Volume 5    |   Issue 37

In the coming years, you're going to hear a lot more about mushrooms and their ability to fight cancer and other diseases. The research into mushrooms is quite extensive — and their history is rich. So more researchers are looking to mushrooms for more targeted treatments of cancer. And one area that's very exciting is how mushrooms can help fight the spread of invasive breast cancer.

Unfortunately, much of the current research is geared toward finding ways to package active parts of the mushrooms into patentable drugs. For instance, researchers have identified a number of bioactive molecules, including anti-tumor agents, from various mushrooms. You can be sure we'll see drugs coming on the market very soon with these agents in their ingredients.

Until recently, most of the research around mushrooms has focused on their ability to complement chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Mushrooms have an amazing ability to counter the side effects of these dangerous drugs. They can reduce the nausea and anemia. They even help with bone marrow suppression and boost immunity.

But in recent years, we've seen a growing number of studies looking at non-patented commercial preparations that contain medicinal mushroom extracts. One of the top researchers in medicinal mushrooms fighting cancer is my colleague Dr. Isaac Eliaz. In 2012, he formulated a new breast support supplement that contains medicinal mushrooms, medicinal herbs, and purified biologically active nutritional compounds. He and a team of researchers wanted to find out if this supplement could keep breast cancer cells from spreading into the lungs — a common problem with breast cancer patients.

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To determine if the supplement could inhibit invasive human breast cancer cells from spreading,  Dr. Eliaz gave mice the supplement at 100 mg/kg of body weight for four weeks. The supplement didn't have any negative effects on the mice – unlike chemotherapy and radiation.

More importantly, the supplement "significantly decreased the change in tumor volume over time compared to the control group (p=0.002)." It also "markedly decreased the incidence of breast-to-lung cancer metastasis from 67% (control) to 20% (BD) (p<0.05) and the number of metastases from 2.8 (0.0, 48.0) in the control group to 0.0 (0.0, 14.2) in the treatment group (p<0.05)." But that's not all. It also down-regulated the expression of PLAU (urokinase plasminogen activator, uPA) and CXCR4 (C-X-C chemokine receptor-4) genes in breast tumors. These are markers of metastatic activity (how much the cancer is spreading). In other words, the formula Dr. Eliaz developed is extremely effective at fighting invasive breast cancers.

While there's much more research to do on the formula, the studies done to date seem to indicate this formula can inhibit the growth of invasive breast cancers. So if you want to avoid getting these tumors, taking medicinal mushrooms is one more way to fight them before they get established.

Since Dr. Eliaz did this study, he has continued to improve his breast support formula. If you're interested in using his product to support your breast health, give Ultimate Breast Support a try. It contains medicinal mushrooms grown on medicinal herbs, giving them even greater power to fight many types of breast problems. It also contains DIM, calcium d-glucarate, and other breast supporting ingredients. For anyone concerned about their breast health, this is a great place to start.

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