Can apple cider vinegar burn off excess weight?

Volume 5    |    Issue 78

When asked how he lost his weight, Jack surprised everyone. He said, "I burned it off." He could tell they didn't understand, so he said, "I took apple cider vinegar every day and it burned it off." Jack believed the burning sensation he felt in his mouth while drinking the vinegar was actually burning the fat off his body.

Well, I've told you about the wonders of apple cider vinegar in the past. But can it really help you lose weight? And does it work by burning off the fat? The answers might surprise you.

I've been able to find only one study that tested apple cider vinegar's ability to shed the pounds. It comes out of Japan where researchers followed 175 obese but healthy people for 12 weeks. The researchers made sure all of their diets were similar by having them keep food journals. Then they gave them either apple cider vinegar or water daily.

After the three months were over, the participants who took the vinegar had lost slightly more weight. But it was only about one to two pounds more, on average. Once they stopped taking the vinegar, they gained it all back. The researchers believe the vinegar turns on certain genes that help break down fats.

I doubt it had anything to do with genes. It's probably not that complicated. Apple cider vinegar has several actions that might help with weight loss. Carol Johnston, PhD, from the Arizona State University nutrition program, has studied apple cider vinegar for over 10 years. She says the vinegar is an effective starch blocker: "It doesn't block the starch 100%, but it definitely prevents at least some of that starch from being digested and raising your blood sugar."

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Obviously, if you're not digesting all the starch you eat, apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight. But there's another aspect to the starch story. When your body doesn't absorb these starches, they feed the good bacteria in your gut. The resulting improvement in digestion helps your body process food (particularly protein) better, aiding in weight loss.

Dr. Johnston also says, "Apple cider vinegar's anti-glycemic effect is very well documented." In fact, it's so effective, she believes it can help lower blood sugar as well as certain medications.

So if you're looking for a way to lower your weight, consider taking apple cider vinegar every day. It won't burn the fat off, as Jack believes. But it will help your body burn the fat. It's not going to happen fast. In the study, it helped the participants lose on average about two pounds in three months. Obviously, combining the apple cider vinegar with a diet rich in vegetables and protein and low in carbs will help you lose weight faster.

If you take apple cider vinegar, use raw vinegar. It will seem cloudy and will have "the mother" in the bottle. This appears as a blob of stuff at the bottom of the bottle. The mother is a rich source of probiotics and nutrients.

You also don't want to drink apple cider vinegar straight. Its acid can burn your esophagus and harm your tooth enamel. I like to dip the tip of a tablespoon in honey, fill the rest of the spoon with the apple cider vinegar, and then add it to a glass of warm water. Stir until the warm water melts the honey and drink up. Take it with meals for best weight loss results.

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Carol Johnston, PhD, professor, director, nutrition program, Arizona State University as interviewed by WebMD.

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