Help strontium fight osteoporosis even more effectively

Volume 5    |    Issue 102

Through the years, I've shown you how strontium can help increase the density of your bones. But bone density isn't the only measure of bone strength you need to evaluate when choosing a bone treatment. That's because many drugs will increase your bone density. But they will also make your bones more brittle.

But strontium won't have that impact on your bones. In fact, in May, I showed you how strontium helps reduce fractures, meaning your bones are stronger, not brittle. Now a new study shows how you can help the strontium you're already taking work even more effectively.

In this study, the researchers wanted to find out if taking vitamin D with strontium would maximize the effect of the bone nutrient. We already know that vitamin D is vital for bone health. It works with magnesium and calcium to keep your bones healthy. But this study showed the vitamin/hormone also works to boost strontium's bone-building ability.

To discover this connection, the researchers looked at 108 women who were taking strontium to fight osteoporosis. They gave the women 25,000 IU (biweekly) of vitamin D along with the strontium and measured their bone mineral density after 18 months.

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The researchers found that the vitamin D and strontium combination caused "a significant bone mineral density gain." Given the research on decreased fracture risk, this jump up in bone mineral density is big news.

A couple of notes about this study. First, the researchers used strontium ranelate. This is a pharmaceutical drug in Europe that goes by the name Protelos. It's a combination of natural strontium and ranelic acid, which is a synthetic molecule. To see these results with a synthetic combination is amazing, but I worry about the long-term problems with the synthetic. Instead, I prefer the strontium citrate used in Ultimate Bone Support. Both strontium and the citrate are naturally occurring molecules.

Second, the researchers used 25,000 IU of vitamin D every two weeks. This is more than the average person takes, but still not enough to reach optimum levels. Most integrative physicians are now recommending 5,000 IU daily or more. Since vitamin D stays in your body longer than many nutrients, you can take 35,000 IU once a week. It's important to note that Ultimate Bone Support contains 800 IU of vitamin D. So to reach this level, you'll need to take a Vitamin D3 supplement as well.

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