When back pain is actually a mineral deficiency

Volume 6    |    Issue 1

If you have sciatica — that nervy pain in your lower back — you've probably searched for natural cures on the Internet. If you have, one of the best ones you'll find is potassium. But it's not the only one you should consider.

Potassium can completely stop sciatica if your pain is on the right side of your back. Donald Lepore, ND wrote about this back in 1985 in his book The Ultimate Healing System. Dr. Lepore talks about how a potassium deficiency can affect the entire right side of your body. For instance, strokes that happen on the right side of your brain can be due to a severe potassium deficiency. Bell's Palsy on the right side of the face can be due to a lack of potassium as well.

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The same is true for sciatica. And I've seen potassium work. Take Scott, for instance. When I talked to him, his back was hurting so bad, the pain was shooting down his right leg. That's a clear sign of sciatica. I suggested he take 99 mg of potassium daily for a few days and see what happened. I talked to him two days later and his pain was gone. Now, whenever the sciatica reappears, he takes some potassium and it's gone.

But potassium doesn't work for everyone. Sciatica sufferers who have pain on their left side won't find any relief from potassium. Dr. Lepore says that's because potassium doesn't affect the left side (except for the heart). Sodium is the mineral you need for the left side. I'll have more on sodium in future Nutrient Insider alerts. But if your sciatica is on the left side (not as common), then add some sea salt to your food, drink some celery juice, or take vitamin C with a sodium ascorbate base to find relief. If you have sciatica on both sides of your back, you'll need to take both sodium and potassium.

However, for some people, the inflammation of the sciatic nerve won't respond to either of these minerals. When that happens, there's another nutrient you can try. I'll tell you all about it on Tuesday.

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Lepore, Donald ND. The Ultimate Healing System, Woodland Publishing, 1985

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