Beating emphysema with nutrients

Volume 6    |    Issue 3

I recently received an email from another Steve asking for nutritional treatments for emphysema. He wrote: "I have emphysema and have been taking a formula with NAC, quercetin, bromelain and astragalus. Can you recommend other supplements? I do take trans-resveratrol, BCM-95 curcumin, Green Tea, many fruit and vegetable extracts, along with vitamin D and magnesium."

Emphysema, as you can tell from Steve's note, is resistant to a lot of nutritional support. I'm sure Steve is getting some support from the nutrients, but it's unlikely they're going to reverse the disease. But there are three other options you need to consider if you struggle with this condition.

One nutrient Steve didn't mention taking is vitamin A. And a vitamin A deficiency is oftentimes at the root of this illness. In fact, researchers have found that vitamin A doesn't just stop the illness, in many cases it can actually regenerate the damaged lung cells and reverse the disease.

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Professor Malcolm Maden, of the Medical Research Centre for Developmental Neurobiology at King's College, London, has research that shows just how powerful this vitamin is for your lungs. According to Maden, the vitamin A they used (retinoic acid) worked directly on tissue cells in the lungs. In fact, it caused them to regenerate. As you may know, emphysema begins with the destruction of alveoli in the lungs. When you damage these tiny air sacs, it creates permanent "holes" in the walls of your lungs.

When the researchers gave mice with emphysema the vitamin A, it made the alveoli grow back again. The most amazing thing about this study is that the alveoli grew back until they returned to normal levels.

That doesn't mean vitamin A will completely reverse the disease, but it can have a dramatic impact.

Another nutrient you have to boost in your body to effectively fight emphysema is nitric oxide. One study found that breathing nitric oxide with oxygen can significantly help emphysema. Not many doctors are willing to do this yet, so you'll need to generate more nitric oxide using supplements. The best way to do that is by taking CircO2.

Finally, if neither of these completely reverse your emphysema, you can try intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy. My late friend William Campbell Douglass, MD used to see amazing results with his emphysema patients when using this treatment. You can learn more about IV hydrogen peroxide by searching it online. And you can find a doctor who uses it at

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