Doctors admit superbugs aren't so super – natural treatments can take them out

Volume 6    |    Issue 6

When Carl was in a serious accident in 1986, his injuries put him in intensive care. He then spent months in the hospital, but much of that time wasn't because of his injuries. While in the intensive care unit, he contracted an antibiotic-resistant superbug. This same bug killed several others in the ICU, but Carl managed to survive. But how he survived might surprise you.

No, the doctors didn't find an antibiotic that worked against the bug. In fact, they didn't have any drugs that could beat it. The reason some of the patients in the ICU died was the bugs overwhelmed their immune systems. Carl survived because he had a strong immune system that was able to hold the bug at bay. But even his strong immune system couldn't beat the bug while he was in the hospital.

After spending months in the hospital doing battle with this superbug, the doctors sent Carl home as part of his treatment. In fact, his doctor told him that the only way he was going to get rid of the bug was to "get outdoors a lot, occasionally even roll in the dirt, and wait." Carl said, "In less than two weeks of this advice, the supergerms were gone."

Wait a second! His treatment was to roll in the dirt! And it killed the bug? You read that right! It turns out these superbugs are actually super wimps, as Carl calls them. When these bugs come in contact with normal bacteria that thrive on our skin and in our body, these so-called superbugs don't stand a chance. All of the mutations they go through to make them resistant to specific antibiotics and antiseptics actually make them weaker, not stronger. They thrive in hospitals for one reason: All of the antibiotics and antiseptics wipe out the ordinary bacteria.

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So what's the lesson here? Get outside! Play in the dirt. Enjoy God's creation and watch how it can keep you healthy. When you're gardening, you're not just growing your food. You're also encouraging the good bacteria on your skin that can keep these superbugs away.

If you have to go into the hospital for any length of time, make sure you're taking a probiotic before you go in. And play in the dirt as much as you can beforehand. Stay away from antibiotics as much as possible. Only take them when you absolutely have to.

Next, make sure your minerals are at optimum levels. Minerals are vital for keeping your immune system functioning at optimum levels.

Finally, take supplements that have natural antibacterial actions, but don't kill the good bacteria you need. For instance, turmeric, olive leaf extract, and resveratrol are all powerful immune boosters and natural antibiotics. You can find all of these and other nutrients that will help you fight all sorts of bugs in Advanced Polyphenol Formula. This is perhaps the most powerful supplement I've seen for battling these bugs.

Remember, these bugs aren't superbugs. They're super wimps. All you need to do to prevent them is play in the dirt and keep your immune system in tip-top shape. If you do contract one, don't rely on the hospital to fight them. You might not have any choice. But look for other ways to battle them. Your life depends on it.

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