Two nutrients anyone with heart orkidney problems must take

Volume 6    |    Issue 7

If you have chronic kidney disease and have recently been in the hospital, I have some bad news for you. There's a 20% chance you'll be back in the hospital within a year. That is unless you take some smart steps now to avoid the trip back to the hospital.

Because so-called superbugs run rampant in hospitals, frequent trips to the hospital make you far more susceptible to catching one. This can lead to major organ failure, which is a huge risk for patients with kidney disease. Hospital-acquired pneumonia is another threat for frequent hospital visitors. And 11% of these cases don't survive. So you want to avoid the hospital if at all possible.

Researchers from Stanford University and the University of Southern California found a way to do just that. They found that taking the right nutrients can greatly reduce your risk of readmission. And these supplements also can lower your length of stay if you do go to the hospital.

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This is big news. For years, the medical establishment has insisted that supplements were unnecessary and overpriced. But the 11-year study can dramatically reduce readmission rates. In fact, they found that the supplements worked substantially better than prescription drugs.

So which supplements did they find worked the best? They found that chlorella and hawthorne had the biggest impact on readmission rates. These two supplements reduced readmission due to congestive heart failure by 10.1%. The reduction for heart attacks was even higher – 12%. In addition, the supplements cut the length of stay down for those who did go to the hospital by 16%.

All of a sudden, hospitals are taking notice of supplements. The Affordable Care Act fines hospitals whose patient readmission rates exceed national averages. In fact, hospitals could see fines around $227 million in the next year. So I find it a bit ironic that the supplements they thought were overpriced and unnecessary could save them millions of dollars.

Chlorella, as you may know, is a common single-celled green algae. It's a wonderful blood purifier, so it helps rid your body of these superbugs and other infections before they can take hold. It's also very effective for boosting your immune system. My favorite brand of chlorella is King Chlorella. And hawthorne is a very common herb that helps with all sorts of heart and blood issues. You can find it at any health food store and online. Both of these are vital for anyone with heart or kidney problems.

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