Are food allergies reversible?

Volume 6    |    Issue 9

The prevalence of food allergies increased over 50% between 1997 and 2007. Since then, they've gone up even more. People are becoming allergic to just about every food under the sun. But if you have food allergies, I have good news for you. It might be possible to get rid of them.

A new study not only offers a possible cure for food allergies. It may show us one possible cause.

The study comes out of the University of Chicago, where Dr. Cathryn Nagler and her colleagues wanted to see if they could reverse peanut allergies in mice. Their test was very simple. All they did was take a group of mice with peanut allergies and give them a probiotic. To be specific, they gave the mice the bacteria Clostridia. This is a common bacteria found in humans. The results were shocking.

After they gave the mice the Clostridia, the mice no longer had food allergies!

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Dr. Nagler has spent over 10 years studying food allergies. She's been looking for the reason our bodies develop allergies to food. Along the way, she realized that all food is a foreign substance to our bodies, so we should be allergic to everything. But we're not. The question is "why?"

In 2004, Nagler and her colleagues conducted a study that discovered mice would develop food allergies when they removed their gut bacteria. How did they remove the gut bacteria? With antibiotics.

From there, the researchers began looking for a way to reverse the allergies. They began re-introducing bacteria. None of the bacteria worked until they tried Clostridia.

This doesn't mean that Clostridia will reverse every case of food allergy. For some, like Kenny, it will take other types of bacteria. Kenny developed an allergy to gluten, chicken, salmon, and meat fat. He avoided these foods for a year and started taking Advanced Probiotic Formula. After the year of abstinence, he slowly began reintroducing the foods and didn't experience any allergic reactions.

Letting the gut heal and introducing beneficial bacteria can help reverse food allergies. But if probiotics don't fully reverse your allergies, there's still hope. While inadequate gut bacteria is likely a major contributing factor in food allergies, I'm not convinced it's the only cause. I'll have more on food allergies in Tuesday's Nutrient Insider.

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