Why falling can significantly increase your risk for Alzheimer's

Volume 6    |    Issue 16

Growing up, my neighborhood friends and I had an "Evel Knievel Club." We would build ramps with a log and plywood. Then we would jump our bikes over just about anything we could find: tricycles, trash cans, more logs, it didn't matter. We just wanted to see what we could jump.

Bike helmets might have been around in those days, but no one wore them unless they were racing. So we were jumping without helmets. It all was a lot of fun — until one day I went over a jump with loose handlebars.

I don't remember any of it. I don't even remember going down the hill toward the ramp. I don't remember going off the jump. And I don't remember hitting the ground head first. When I did, the neighborhood kids all scattered like cockroaches. They thought I was dead. One of our neighbors saw me lying there unconscious and carried me home. This was before people knew to take precautions for spine injuries. Fortunately, I didn't have any spinal injuries.

I have no idea how that brain trauma changed my life. I was a kid and it was just an accident to me. But when I got older and my hair started to recede, I realized there was a big knot on my head where I landed, and the side of my head is a little flat right there. So apparently, I hit pretty hard.

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I wish we had known about turmeric and luteolin back then. As I mentioned on Saturday, these nutrients can help heal traumatic brain and spinal injuries. What's more, both of these can help keep traumatic head injuries from causing permanent damage. For me, the only thing I've ever noticed is that I have a terrible time memorizing things. Is that from the injury? Who knows. But I have noticed these two nutrients help me tremendously. Very few studies have tested this combination on brain injury. But one study shows how these two nutrients can work together to protect your brain.

In this study, the researchers wanted to see if an anti-inflammatory combined with luteolin would help with memory loss. The anti-inflammatory they used was a palmitoylethanolamide compound called co-ultraPEALut. But they could have used any anti-inflammatory, including turmeric.

The researchers found that the combination significantly protected brain cells against Alzheimer's disease. I reported on this study last year. Since then, more studies have come out showing that each of these nutrients can help with brain injury. What's more, there's a strong connection between brain injury and Alzheimer's.

Researchers from the University of Washington show just how connected they are: "Traumatic brain injury remains the only well-established environmental risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. Moderate to severe traumatic brain injury even early in life clearly increase the risk for Alzheimer's and even a single concussion (brain trauma severe enough to cause loss of consciousness) may increase the risk for Alzheimer's disease."

I'm sure you can understand why I'm so concerned about treating my brain. Taking Reduloxin, which contains turmeric, and Advanced Memory Formula, which contains luteolin, is a must for anyone who has ever been knocked out or suffered repeat concussion. There's no guarantee they will completely fix the damage. But they might just put off memory loss. This nutrient combination is especially crucial to take as we age. Falling becomes a major risk the older we get. Hitting your head when you fall can cause you to become more at risk for losing your memory. So start protecting your brain today.

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