Is the secret to losing weight found in your blood?

Volume 6    |    Issue 22

We've been told that to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume. And you have to keep your sugar levels low, which means eating fewer refined carbs and sugars. But what if losing weight isn't so much about calories and carbs as it is about your circulation?

That might sound odd. Why would your circulation affect your weight? Well, researchers may have found out how it does.

In a recent study, researchers found that increasing the blood flow in brown fat causes it to burn more calories in mice. Brown fat is your body's "good" fat. It produces heat when it burns energy. White fat, on the other hand, is the "bad" fat. It stores energy. And it's also the fat responsible for obesity.

For a long time, researchers thought only infants had brown fat. New-born babies can't shiver. So their brown fat — and its ability to produce heat — is what keeps them warm. But new research has found that adults have brown fat as well. When they made that discovery, they wanted to know if they could stimulate the brown fat in adults to burn off white fat.

Of course, most of that research has focused on drugs to stimulate the brown fat. However, the drugs that stimulate the brown fat directly carry significant side effects or they don't do anything to burn white fat. So the researchers in this study wanted to know if they could stimulate the brown fat indirectly by increasing blood flow within the fat.

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Brown fat has a large system of blood vessels in it. So stimulating the fat increases blood flow, which further supports the fat with plenty of oxygen and nutrients.

To increase the circulation, the researchers gave mice the drug salbutamol. If you have asthma or know someone who does, you've probably heard of salbutamol by another name — albuterol. This drug helps open up the airways of asthmatics. So the researchers wanted to see if it would increase the blood flow in brown fat.

They found that the salbutamol did increase the fat's consumption of glucose (sugar), which is a sign of activity. However, the salbutamol didn't stimulate the fat directly. That means it did the stimulating by increasing blood flow.

This is great news. But albuterol has its own list of side effects. It isn't as severe as other drugs, but it can still cause shakiness, headache, fast heart rate, dizziness, and feeling anxious. And we don't know for sure yet if the drug will encourage weight loss. So, obviously, I'd rather use nutrients to encourage greater blood flow.

You can increase your own circulation with a combination of supplements designed for this purpose. Start with Circutol, which has nattokinase and other nutrients to keep your blood flowing at an optimum level. Then add CircO2, which is great for helping increase blood flow. These two supplements work in different ways. But if you're taking blood thinning drugs or other heart medication, talk to your doctor before beginning either of these.

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