When you eat fast food,here's how to protect your bodyagainst oxidized cholesterol

Volume 6    |    Issue 23

In recent years, the evidence has started to stack up against the cholesterol theory of heart disease. Cholesterol, even LDL cholesterol, isn't the boogeyman everyone thinks it is. But that doesn't mean that all cholesterol gets off the hook. As I've discussed before, oxidized LDL cholesterol is the real troublemaker for your heart.

Cholesterol is a fat, or a lipid, as the medical profession likes to call it. Some fats are good for you. Some are not. Since your body actually makes cholesterol, we should have started with the assumption that cholesterol is a fat your body needs. Because it does. Your brain needs cholesterol to operate at peak performance.

The problem with many fats, including cholesterol, is that they can become rancid or oxidized. When that happens, their health benefits disappear, and they become harmful. This is why oxidized LDL causes problems for your heart and your brain. Oxidized LDL causes you to age. It can take a 50-year-old person in biological years and cause their body to function like a 70 year old. So our goal is to keep oxidized LDL under control.

There are two ways to keep oxidized LDL under control. First, keep the fats from becoming oxidized in the first place. The second is to keep the oxidized fat from causing damage. I've told you in the past that apple peel extract is one of the best ways to prevent cholesterol from becoming oxidized. But another study shows that, if you do eat oxidized LDL, and most of us will eat some fast food or processed food, apple peel extract can help prevent your tissues from absorbing it and from causing damage.

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This is an older study, but it was overlooked by the medical profession. However, it should carry some weight. It appeared in the journal Lipid — a highly respected journal that focuses on fats. In other words, the scientists who contribute to this journal are specialists in this area. They know what they're talking about.

In the study, the researchers divided a group of four-week old rats into three groups. They gave all three groups a diet high in oxidized cholesterol for three weeks. They fed two of the groups a diet of apple peel extract with a concentration of 0.5% or 2.5%. The control group didn't receive any of the extract.

The researchers found something interesting. They discovered that the groups taking the apple peel extract had increased levels of serum total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. In other words, their blood lipid levels went up. But they found that their oxidized LDL levels did not go up. Why? The researchers found that the apple peel extract protected the body tissues from absorbing the rancid lipids. And it helped the body excrete the dangerous lipids in their stools.

As a result, the researchers claimed that apple peel extract "may be an important removal agent of exogenous toxic material such as cholesterol oxidation products contained in processed or fast foods."

So if your diet isn't perfect, take steps today to protect your body against the rancid fats in processed and fast food products. This isn't a license to eat all the fast food you want. But it's great to know that taking a supplement like AppleBoost can help protect your body against these fats when you can't avoid these foods. And it can help remove them from your body if your levels are high.

There are two ways to take AppleBoost — in capsule form and in powder form. I take a lot of supplements and don't want to add more pills to my regimen. So I use the powder form in my morning smoothie. It tastes great and makes taking the supplement easy and enjoyable.

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