Air Force accidentally discovers how to lower blood pressure when supplements aren’t enough

Volume 6    |    Issue 26

It’s hard for me to admit. But there are times when high blood pressure is so stubborn even the best supplements won’t lower it. It usually happens when the cause of the elevated blood pressure isn’t nutritional. Fortunately, the Air Force recently discovered a way to lower blood pressure – even stubborn cases. And it can help just about anyone who struggles to keep their blood pressure in a normal range.

The Air Force discovery was completely accidental. Dr. Ronald Wiley was trying to help pilots of the F-16 fighter jet overcome something called “g-force blackout.” This is a condition that happens when the pilot loses vision temporarily while running through high “g-force” maneuvers. You can imagine how dangerous losing your sight would be while flying at Mach one or faster. So this was important work.

During his research, Dr. Wiley noticed that two of the pilots in the study had high blood pressure. He didn’t think much about it until he had them conduct a particular exercise. After they did this simple drill, he saw that their blood pressure came down to normal. He was so intrigued by the results that he began studying why the drill would lower blood pressure. I’ll tell you what he discovered in a moment. But first, what was this simple drill?

As part of his research, he would have the pilots grab a steel rod as hard as they could. That’s it. He had them do this while experiencing g-force flight conditions. And he had them do it without the flight conditions. After his years of experimenting, he realized that simply squeezing the hands regularly for a few minutes would lower blood pressure. It sounds crazy, but it works!

Dr. Wiley realized that this breakthrough could work for anyone. You don’t have to experience g-forces to make your blood pressure go down. All you have to do is squeeze your hands around something round. Even one of those squeeze balls designed to improve your grip can work.

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But Dr. Wiley found that the exercise works better when you have some assistance. So he developed and perfected a computer-controlled handgrip device. He calls this device the Zona Plus. It reminds me of the joy-sticks you used to find on some arcade games. It’s about five inches long and has a very comfortable grip. On the top is a simple-to-use computer display that tells you when to grip and when to let go. All you have to do is follow the directions.

The device is so small and so easy to use, you can leave it by your easy chair and do it while you watch your favorite TV show. But does this thing really work? Dr. Wiley has conducted 22 separate studies to validate what he discovered with the pilots. These studies have appeared in peer-reviewed medical journals, such as the distinguished Journal of Hypertension. And even the American Heart Association, the Harvard Heart Letter, and the Mayo Clinic Health Letter have found that it works. Just how well does it work?

The studies show that the Zona Plus can help 90% of faithful users (those who use it as recommended) experience a 10% drop in their blood pressure. And they can experience it in as little as six weeks. This is hard for me to believe. But the research is real. As you may know, I always suggest starting with regular diet, exercise, and supplements to lower your blood pressure. The Zona Plus is the easiest exercise I’ve ever experienced. And to think it can drop your blood pressure by so much and to do it so fast. I believe it can work even better if you couple it with eating well and taking supplements.

So if you’re ready to see your blood pressure drop, then give Zona Plus a try. Normally, the price is $599 plus shipping. But we’ve negotiated a $50 discount for Nutrient Insider subscribers, plus it ships for free. While $549 might seem like a lot, this is a guaranteed way to lower your blood pressure. If it doesn’t lower your blood pressure in three months, you can return it for a full refund. And remember, it usually takes only six weeks to work. So you have plenty of time to see if it works for you.

To get the $50 discount, plus free shipping, simply call 888-456-9662 and give them the code INSIDER. Or follow this link and use the same code during checkout. Give Zona Plus a try and let me know how it works for you.

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