Italian doctor finds surprisingly simple cure for multiple sclerosis

Volume 6    |    Issue 35

When Italian Dr. Paolo Zamboni’s wife contracted multiple sclerosis (MS), he set out on a mission to find a cure. What he found – and the treatment he used to reverse it almost instantly – has stunned the medical world. And it gives us an indication of how we can prevent the disease.

Dr. Zamboni’s wife began a very rapid downward spiral after finding out she had MS. He knew he had to find a cure quickly if she had any hope. So he did an ultrasound of her brain and made a shocking discovery. The veins in her brain were blocked, but with what?

After finding the blockage, Dr. Zamboni intensified his research. He found that the blockage was caused by a buildup of iron in the brain. As the iron builds up, it blocks and damages the blood vessels, causing them to eventually rupture. When they do, the iron and the immune cells in the bloodstream cross the blood-brain barrier. From there, they go into the cerebro-spinal fluid, where they have direct access to the immune system. The autoimmune disease that results attacks the nerves and MS develops. 

All Dr. Zamboni had to do to reverse the condition was simply clear out a couple of these major veins to reopen the blood flow. Once he did so for his wife, the MS symptoms disappeared immediately – and they have stayed away for three years.

Dr. Zamboni found that over 90% of MS patients have this type of blockage in their brain. When he tried this surgery on a group of 65 MS-sufferers, 73% of the patients became completely symptom-free and have remained symptom-free two years after the operation. This is absolutely phenomenal!

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What’s more, Dr. Zamboni’s discovery gives us some indications on how we can prevent the disease in the first place. First of all, a buildup of iron is the problem. So we have to remove excess iron from the body. The best way to do so is to donate blood and to use IV chelation therapy. I try to donate blood as often as they let me, but it usually ends up being two to three times a year. Your chelation doctor can help you determine how often you need an IV.

But that’s not all you can do. In fact, I don’t think iron is the only problem with MS. Many people think there’s an infection (Chlamydophila pneumoniae) that’s associated with MS. It could be a combination of iron and the infection that causes all the damage. We’re not sure. Regardless, it’s important to fight off any potential infection that might cause MS. One study found that boosting nitric oxide can help fight the infection. So taking CircO2 is an obvious choice in your battle to prevent MS.

Finally, you need to keep your blood flowing throughout your body. Clots and buildups can cause a lot more problems than just MS. So taking a supplement like Circutol will help prevent clots and buildups throughout your body.

These treatments are especially important since Dr. Zamboni’s cure isn’t widely available at this time. They may not cure MS, but they can help prevent it. Hopefully, MS sufferers will have access to Dr. Zamboni’s treatment in the near future. Talk to your doctor to see if you can gain access to the treatment.

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