Taking pain medications? Make sure you’re protecting your liver

Volume 6    |    Issue 36

“Sometimes the arthritis pain can get so bad, I have to breakdown and take a painkiller.” That’s how many people with mild joint pain feel. But when the pain gets severe and constant, arthritis sufferers turn to painkillers many times a day. The pills help them stay on top of the pain. But the problem is these painkillers also can kill your liver – or at least cause liver disease.

One of the known consequences of acetaminophen overdose is acute liver failure. The poisoning can be so severe it requires a liver transplant. It also can kill you. But it’s not just acetaminophen you have to worry about. Ibuprofen and aspirin can cause liver problems as well.

So if you’re turning to pain pills to treat your arthritis, it’s vital you take steps to protect your liver. This starts with the supplement N-acetyl cysteine or NAC. NAC is so effective at protecting your liver that hospitals will administer it to treat acute liver poisoning from acetaminophen.

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However, there’s something that protects your liver even better than NAC. It’s glutathione. One study back in 2010 found that glutathione was almost twice as effective as the NAC at preventing liver injury. Glutathione is an amazing antioxidant that can protect your liver against a variety of poisons, including soft drinks, fruit juice (sugar), and medication poisoning.

Which one should you take to protect your liver? There’s nothing wrong with taking both. In fact, when it comes to protecting your liver, it’s better to take a formula like Advanced Liver Support, which has NAC and several other ingredients proven to protect your liver. Then, if you still need more protection, then you can add Lipoceutical Glutathione.

Of course, the best course of action is to avoid the liver poisoning in the first place. That’s why I suggest arthritis sufferers try to treat their pain naturally before they turn to drug painkillers. Ultimate Knee Relief has natural painkillers in it that won’t cause liver damage. Many arthritis sufferers find that it works as well as the drugs without any of the side effects.  You can order all three of these products from Advanced Bionutritionals

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