Top olive oil companies have been conning you

Volume 6    |    Issue 39

Experts tend to agree that the Mediterranean Diet is one of the most beneficial diets you can eat. It’s great for your heart, your brain, and your waistline.

In fact, one study recently confirmed that the Mediterranean Diet can lower inflammation throughout your body. In the study, the researchers looked at 1,139 high-risk participants. All of them were between the ages of 55 and 80. Most of them were overweight or obese, had significant cardiovascular problems, including high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and many had diabetes.

The researchers randomly assigned the participants to follow a low-fat control diet or one of two Mediterranean diets. One of these used extra-virgin olive oil, the other used nuts. The researchers then measured the relationship of polyphenol intake to the participants circulating inflammatory biomarkers and cardiovascular risk factors.

The researchers found that high dietary polyphenol intake of the Mediterranean Diet reduced all-cause mortality and lower incidence of cardiovascular events. Specifically, it reduced inflammation and both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Plus it increased plasma HDL-cholesterol. This was regardless of whether they were using the olive oil or eating nuts.

As you can see, this is just one more bit of evidence that shows just how beneficial the Mediterranean Diet is for you. And one of the main reasons it’s so healthy is the polyphenols in the olive oil. But what if I told you the extra-virgin olive oil you’re buying in the store may not be extra-virgin?

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That would be shocking and dangerous. As you may know, extra-virgin olive oil is the healthiest of the olive oils because they make it by crushing the olives right after they have picked them. What’s more, the process doesn’t involve any chemicals, heat, or industrial refining. It’s pure olive oil. Processing destroys many of the polyphenols that are so beneficial. And inferior products can become rancid quicker, they’re cheaper, and they’re more acidic.

Unfortunately, the truth is that many of the top brands sold in the U.S. have conned consumers for years. An investigation into these brands alleges that they’ve been passing off inferior quality virgin olive oil as extra-virgin – and selling it higher prices. Not only is this terrible for your pocket book, it’s also terrible for your health. If you’re using these brands, you’re not getting the beneficial polyphenols that help protect your heart and brain.

Rosario Trefiletti, the president of Federconsumatori, an Italian consumer association, said: “The damage caused by this deceit is enormous, not just for consumers but also for the entire country and for the image of products that are made in Italy.” That’s for sure. The main brands included in the investigation are Bertolli, Santa Sabina, Primadonna, Antica Badia, Eurospin, Carapelli, Coricelli, and Sasso.

This is infuriating. Consumers have been buying these brands expecting to consume extra-virgin olive oil, only to get processed, acidic, and maybe even rancid olive oil. Fortunately, there’s a solution. The only way to make sure you’re getting pure extra-virgin olive oil is to buy it from a company that’s sourcing oils from the most recent global harvest. This ensures they are getting the freshest, highest-phenolic EVOO. I have only one source I trust for this type of olive oil. Their olive oil is independently lab-certified EVOO, imported quarterly from the world’s latest harvest. And it’s easy to find. All you have to do is follow this link.

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