What to take with probiotics when you have diarrhea

Volume 6    |    Issue 40

In the health world, the big D isn’t Dallas and it isn’t Divorce (as the country song might indicate). No, in your body, the big D is Diarrhea. It’s miserable and it can have a dramatic impact on your life. It can even be life threatening if you’re severely ill or malnourished.

Those who suffer from diarrhea know the condition can deplete the good bacteria in the colon. However, taking a probiotic when you have diarrhea may not do a lot of good. Most of it goes straight through you and doesn’t have the desired effect. While I have seen probiotics help in some cases of diarrhea, there is one thing you can take with your probiotic to increase its effectiveness. And it’s quite simple and makes perfect sense.

If you want to slow down your bowel movements and help the probiotic “stick,” then it’s best to take some fiber when you take your probiotics.

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Fiber is amazing stuff. It can help relieve many cases of diarrhea. And it can help with just the opposite problem – constipation. Diarrhea is a condition where there’s too much water in your stool. Fiber helps get your digestive system back in order absorbing the excess fluid in the bowel. This serves to slow the release of the fluid by firming up a loose stool.

However, fiber is limited in its abilities. Most fiber is inert, meaning it’s not actively going to help your body heal. All it does is keep your pipes working correctly. It prevents backups and it absorbs excess fluid to stop diarrhea. This is vital for good health. And we all need to be taking about 30 grams of fiber daily to keep our pipes in good condition. But the fiber won’t act to heal your pipes if they’re injured or diseased. That’s where probiotics come in.

Probiotics require two substances to really thrive: fiber and protein. When you take your probiotic with fiber, it helps the probiotic make it through the digestive tract at a pace that it can heal your gut of injury and disease. It can replenish the good bacteria and improve your digestive health. The protein feeds the good bacteria and helps it stay strong against all of the bad bacteria we ingest.

Don’t wait until you have diarrhea to use this powerhouse combination. Taking your Advanced Probiotic Formula with fiber and some protein can keep your digestive system healthy and able to fight most bad bugs that come along. It might also help you avoid and even reverse digestive disorders like IBS, Crohn’s disease, and leaky gut.

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