How to fix a failed root canalwithout surgery

Volume 6    |    Issue 43

On Tuesday, I shared with you a note we received on our Facebook page. But we also get emails from people with questions about their health problems. For instance, I recently received a note from Ann. She asked, “I have an infection in the bone, under a wisdom tooth with a root canal! I’m very insecure now with traditional dentistry! What blood tests would be good?”

Root canals often fail. Many health professionals will tell you not to get one. I tend to agree. Root canals have their place. But they can cause so many problems, they’re hardly worth it. I have firsthand experience and what I found can help Ann and anyone else who suffers a failed root canal.

I killed a canine tooth when I wrecked my bike as a kid. I didn’t have a root canal until high school. Back then, I didn’t know anything about the problems they can cause. But they can cause serious problems. Every tooth in your mouth is on a meridian that’s connected to other parts of your body. This particular canine tooth is connected to the liver and the knees (I’ll tell you why this is important in a moment).

When a root canal fails, infection sets in. This infection can be devastating. In my case, it completely rotted out a part of the cheek bone above the tooth. But that’s not all this infection caused. It also caused chronic sinus infections. And the infection affected other parts of my body on that meridian. My liver enzymes became elevated and it weakened the ligaments in my left knee to the point that the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and the PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) blew out during a simple, non-contact play in a basketball game. That resulted in three subsequent knee surgeries. Obviously, I have reason to dislike root canals.

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But the adventure wasn’t over. I had to go through oral surgery to fix the tooth and repair the bone in my cheek. I thought I was done messing with this tooth. More recently, though, it failed again. This time, my dentist had a new solution. Instead of going through surgery again, he suggested ozone.

My dentist is a biological dentist. Biological dentists are conventionally trained dentists. But they realize their dental practices affect the entire body. So they’re concerned with the whole body effects of all dental materials (such as mercury), techniques, and procedures (such as root canals). They know when a root canal is your best option – and when another procedure would be better.

Anyway, my dentist has gone through ozone training at my friend and colleague Frank Shallenberger, MD’s ozone seminars. So he simply injected ozone into the gum surrounding the tooth. The pain went away almost immediately. It took three more shots of ozone to completely kill the infection. But I haven’t had any pain since.

What I found interesting, though, was what he gave me in between treatments. He sent me home with a small container of olive oil infused with ozone. After the first shot, I started feeling pain again within a week. I put the olive oil on the gums of that tooth and the pain disappeared again. In fact, it disappeared until I was able to get a second shot. I was astounded at the power of that ozoned-infused olive oil.

So what should Ann do? I don’t know of any blood tests that can help. In this case, you’ll need to find a biological dentist who knows ozone. You can find one at Click on the Ozone Doctor Listing tab and search for a DDS in your area. These dentists will have ozone training.

If you have any gum issues, I highly recommend buying some ozone-infused olive oil. It can help with many gum issues, particularly between dental visits. Just put a little on your finger and rub it over the gums. You can purchase ozone-infused olive oil online, but I like the 50 ml bottle sold by Longevity Resources for $25, plus shipping. You can order it by calling 877-543-3398.

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