Throw away your reading glasses

Volume 6    |    Issue 47

You may have heard that aging eyes are inevitable. Once you hit middle age, the eyes start to blur, especially when you’re reading. It’s called presbyopia, which is Greek for aging eyes. And we’re all destined to get it, right? Well, maybe not.

Normally, when I tell you about the power of supplements, I have studies to back up my recommendations. But not today. Unfortunately, there aren’t any studies on what I’m about to reveal. But it works. At least it has for some people.

I found out about this treatment from my friend Jennifer Gramith, ND. My wife and I went to dinner with Dr. Gramith and her husband. When my wife pulled out her reading glasses, Dr. Gramith asked, “How long have you been using readers?” My wife said a year or two. Then Dr. Gramith proceeded to tell us how she fixed her presbyopia.

Like so many of us, Dr. Gramith began to see her eyes struggle to focus when she was reading. Then she started to take a supplement with Seanol in it. I was excited to hear her story because Seanol is an incredible source of polyphenols. In fact, I think it’s one of the best sources, as the polyphenols stay in the body longer with this proprietary form of brown algae.

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Her story was short. Dr. Gramith said she started taking the supplement and her presbyopia went away. It was as simple as that. She doesn’t wear reading glasses anymore. Naturally, my wife has just started to take a Seanol supplement. We’ll see if it works as well for her.

Like I said, we don’t have any studies on this. We have only an anecdote. But Dr. Gramith said it had worked for some of her patients as well. If you have presbyopia and want to try Seanol, please let us know how it works for you. Give it at least three months. Then respond to and tell us your story. I recommend you take Alginol, which is a concentrated form of Seanol, along with a good vision supplement like Advanced Vision Formula. Alginol is one of my favorite supplements, as it’s good for more than just your eyes. I’ve written a lot about it in previous Nutrient Insiders – and will have more in the future.

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