Make Parkinson's symptoms disappear — it's "like turning off a light switch"

Volume 6    |    Issue 51

Jack was a Vietnam veteran who worked as a computer specialist. At the age of 55, he began to experience tremors on the left side of his body. It didn't take long for the doctor to diagnose Parkinson's disease. He went through the gamut of medical treatments, but none of them seemed to help. His conditioned only worsened.

Jack's life was falling apart. According to his report, "He was very self-conscious of the constant tremor in his left arm and left leg, which interfered with sleep and sitting comfortably in a chair, and made him feel conspicuous in public. He was having great difficulty working at his job as a computer specialist for a large computer corporation and found it almost impossible to type on a keyboard or to maintain focus during conference calls. He was also experiencing severe anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and insomnia."

With little hope, he went to see an integrative doctor. The doctor gave him intravenous (IV) glutathione treatment along with a host of other treatments. The glutathione was the only treatment that gave him any relief from the tremors, but they lasted only about 30 hours. Then the tremors would return. According to the doctor, it was more of a "Band-Aid approach to the disease."

That's when the doctor came up with a novel approach to his treatment. The doctor knew that the only part of Jack's medical history that seems relevant to the disease was his Vietnam experience. That's where he was exposed to Agent Orange. Much like pesticides, which I've discussed in the past as a possible cause of Parkinson's, Agent Orange is a neurotoxin. So it's quite possible it was the root cause of Jack's tremors.

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Since neurotoxins damage dopaminergic neurons, the normal treatment for Parkinson's is L-dopa. L-dopa is one of the only effective ways to reduce the tremors, but it has some side effects. The primary side effect is nausea, so doses can go only so high. At upper levels, the nausea can be severe. As a result, researchers have been looking at ways to reduce the side effects and reverse the Parkinson's. The treatment that has emerged from this research as the most effective is amino acids. Because of past research, this doctor put Jack on a course of amino acid treatment along with the L-dopa.

For Jack, the amino acid treatment allowed the doctor to increase the dose of L-dopa. For a while, Jack didn't notice anything different. Then, as if someone turned on a light, the symptoms disappeared. This tends to be the way amino acid treatment works. It doesn't typically cause a gradual relief of symptoms (though about 5% of patients will see gradual relief). Instead, symptoms just cease almost instantly. The affect is remarkable.

Here's Jack's report: "Within four months of initiating treatment, the patient experienced dramatic improvement in the tremor in both the upper and lower extremities. He regained coordination in his left hand and was once again able to use the computer keyboard. He resumed his hobby of guitar playing and was able to perform proficiently. His gait and balance were restored. The depression improved significantly. Anxiety was significantly relieved. The patient had lost his fear of going out in public." And the results were maintained for at least two years.

That's amazing!

With these incredible results, it's important to note that the amino acid treatment isn't considered a cure for Parkinson's. It's only a way to manage the symptoms of this terrible disease. It allows the doctor to prescribe higher doses of L-dopa without the nausea. And the sooner you start the treatment, the better.

Even better, start taking amino acids before you develop the disease. We've all had exposure to neurotoxic pesticides. And many of us struggle to digest protein effectively. Taking amino acids can help with both of these treatments. I'll have more on protein digestion in future issues. But for now, know that amino acids can work wonders with Parkinson's disease. Advanced Bionutritionals has a new amino acid product called Perfect Amino. It has been used successfully in treating Parkinson's and other neurodegenerative disorders. For more information, follow this link.. If you have Parkinson's, make sure you work with a physician who knows how to use amino acid treatment, as the L-dopa dosages need to be individualized to your situation.

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