Beyond probiotics: Why you need more than probiotics for good gut health

Volume 6    |    Issue 62

It seems that everyone, including conventional medicine, has accepted that you need probiotics for good gut health. The good bacteria in probiotic supplements can go a long way toward healing a gut that's damaged from poor diet, age, or medications. But probiotics aren't all you need for a healthy gut.

Your gut is more than just bacteria. There are also different types of cells you need to nourish. So in addition to providing the good bacteria, you also need to provide your gut with good nutrition. And that starts with plants. Plants give your gut two particular molecules it needs to function optimally.

The first of these molecules is minerals. I believe minerals are the missing link to good gut health that no one is talking about. Take Sam, for instance. When I first talked to Sam, he was taking all of the usual supplements – multivitamins, probiotics, vitamin D, and a few other supplements – but his gut wasn't getting better. He was suffering from pain, bloating, diarrhea, and even blood in his stool. But colonoscopies had ruled out cancer.

I suggested he start taking a mineral supplement in addition to everything else he was taking. Needless to say, he wasn't excited about adding another pill to his regimen. So I suggested using a liquid, such as Spectra-Min (available on Amazon). Sam agreed and ordered the new supplement. But instead of adding it to his regimen, he stopped taking just about everything but the liquid (Sam admits he can be a bit stubborn about taking pills). What happened next shocked Sam. Not only did Sam's gut heal up — the pain and bloating were gone and the diarrhea cleared up — but he also noticed some of his food allergies disappeared.

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Why did this work? For all of history, man has eaten plants and, as a result, he's had plenty of minerals in his gut. Plants take minerals from the soil and convert them into a usable form for the human body. When we don't eat enough plants, we're missing the fiber we need. But we're also missing the minerals our cells need to communicate. If our cells aren't communicating, it's easy for our body to interpret certain foods as foreign invaders, rather than healthy nutrition. Adding the minerals back in fixes the communication issues with our gut cells and restores balance to our gut, just as it did for Sam. Needless to say, I encouraged Sam to start taking the probiotics and other supplements again. That's because the mineral supplement makes all of them work better.

I also encouraged Sam to start taking Advanced Polyphenol Formula. Polyphenols are particularly important for the gut. Unfortunately, we often discard the parts of our plant foods that contain the most polyphenols (the skin). Not only do veggies and fruit give your gut the fiber and minerals it needs, they also give your digestive system the nutrients it needs to function at optimum levels. Polyphenols also act as prebiotics to help the gut digest your food even better.

What's more, polyphenols help rebuild the protective gel layer that covers your digestive tract. This gel layer allows nutrients to enter your body. But it also keeps harmful bacteria, toxins, viruses, and other bugs from getting out of your gut and into your bloodstream. This protective layer breaks down over time, largely due to the poor diet, age, and medications I mentioned earlier. But polyphenols can help restore it and end the cycle of illness and digestive distress.

So if whether you have digestive problems or not, taking a good mineral supplement and Advanced Polyphenol Formula could heal your gut and/or prevent it from degenerating in the first place.

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