How to supercharge your green tea to fight atherosclerosis and cancer

Volume 6    |    Issue 64

If you drink green tea every morning like I do, you probably do so more for the health benefits than for the flavor. Next to water, green tea is probably the best beverage you can drink. It's full of polyphenols that help a number of ailments, including heart disease and cancer. But it doesn't taste that great. So I mix my green tea with rooibos (red) tea and berry teas to give it a taste similar to flavored coffee. It's fantastic. I also will eat an apple with my tea on most days. And a new study says this combination is a good move.

The study found that the polyphenols in green tea and apples can fight atherosclerosis and cancer. The researchers found that these polyphenols block a signaling molecule called VEGF. This molecule can cause plaque to develop in your arteries, which leads to atherosclerosis. It also can cause these plaques to rupture, leading to heart attacks and stroke. What's more, the molecule can trigger a process in cancer that causes it to progress. So blocking VEGF is a good thing. In fact, many anti-cancer drugs target this molecule to keep cancer from growing.

The researchers found that two polyphenols in particular could block VEGF even at very low doses. The two polyphenols are epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) from green tea and procyanidin from apples. This is the first study to make the direct connection between polyphenols and VEGF. So this is big news.

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While this study was done in a lab and not on humans, we already have evidence that both of these polyphenols can help fight heart disease and cancer. So there's no reason to wait for more studies. This study simply gave us one of the mechanisms the polyphenols use to benefit your health.

Whether you have these diseases or not, drinking green tea and eating an apple a day is a great option for keeping them at bay. If you would like to supercharge your green tea and apple benefits, you can take them in supplement form. There's a lot of research to show Green Tea Extract and apple peel extract (like that in AppleBoost) offer exceptional health benefits — even more so than the beverage and food alone.

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