Can nutrients really reverse Alzheimer's?

Volume 6    |    Issue 71

If you ask your doctor, "Can nutrients reverse Alzheimer's disease?" the answer will almost always be a resounding "NO." It doesn't matter if your doctor is a conventional doctor or an alternative-minded doctor. The answer will be the same. There's a very good reason for this. No conventional study has ever been able to show that Alzheimer's is reversible — by any means.

The reason they've never been able to reverse Alzheimer's is still up for debate. But one professor, Dr. Dale Bredesen, believes there's a simple reason studies have failed to reverse the disease. The professor of neurology at UCLA says the studies approach the disease the wrong way. Almost all researchers focus on one area (one cause, if you will) of the disease. For instance, some might focus on amyloid beta plaques in the brain. Others might focus on another area, such as diet. But Dr. Bredesen says there's a problem with this approach.

Dr. Bredesen says all of these researchers are right — and yet they're all wrong.

Bredesen explains, "The existing Alzheimer's drugs affect a single target, but Alzheimer's disease is more complex. Imagine having a roof with 36 holes in it, and your drug patched one hole very well. The drug may have worked, and a single hole may have been fixed, but you still have 35 other leaks, and so the underlying process may not be affected much."

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So how do you deal with all of these "leaks"? Bredesen says you need a much more comprehensive approach. And, to prove his theory, he conducted a study that used a comprehensive approach to treatment. Here's what he and his colleagues did. They recruited 10 participants with Alzheimer's for the study.

Then the researchers had the participants engage in a complex 36-point therapeutic program. This involved extensive testing to help personalize the approach for each patient. For example, some patients had to remove all simple carbohydrates, gluten, and processed food from their diet. Most of them needed to take more nutrients, such as melatonin, methylcobalamin, vitamin D3, fish oil, and coenzyme Q10. Many had to sleep more. Others had to fast for 12 hours between dinner and breakfast, with at least three hours before bedtime. All of them needed exercised. Some needed hormone therapy. And some had to add better oral hygiene. All of the participants used a combined therapy — meaning they didn't just do one of these treatments. Many of them did all of them and others. They all had to adjust their diet to include more fruits and vegetables.

So what happened? The results probably won't surprise you, but they sure surprised conventional medicine. After three to six months, 9 out of the 10 participants improved! This is the first time a conventional study has actually improved the disease. These are incredible results considering this is an "incurable" disease.

Of course, Bredesen says the results need to be replicated in further research. But they already have in people's lives around the world. People know that all of these lifestyle changes will have amazing benefits. They just don't use them. But when they do, they see results. No, nutrients alone won't reverse Alzheimer's (unless a particular case is caused by a deficiency). But they certainly need to play a major role in treating it. From diet to supplements (such as those found in Advanced Memory Formula) to exercise, begin implementing some of these changes today.

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"Memory loss associated with Alzheimer's reversed for first time," UCLA Health System, 10/03/2014.

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