Don't let your friends hide this digestive remedy from you

Volume 6    |    Issue 75

What would you do if a friend had a similar health challenge as you, found a solution that worked really well, and never told you about it? Well, that happened recently to Jack.

Jack is a longtime patient of Dr. Janet Zand. Dr. Zand was telling me this story a few weeks ago, and I thought it was so good I had to tell you about it.

Jack walked into Dr. Zand's office. Normally, he was friendly and excited to talk to her. But on this day, he started with a little sarcasm. Right as she came in the room, he said: "Dr. Zand, I'm a little mad with you." Needless to say, Dr. Zand was taken aback. She instantly wondered what she did wrong.

Well, all she had done wrong was failed to tell Jack about a great solution for his digestive troubles. Of course, that was largely Jack's fault since he never told her he was having problems. He went on to say that he saw a buddy of his take out Advanced Bionutritionals Integrative Digestive Formula (IDF).

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This was surprising to Jack, since he knew his friend had digestive issues much like his own. Why hadn't his friend told him about these pills? Well, while they were eating their dinner at this New York City steakhouse, his friend told him all about IDF. His friend handed him three tablets.

Jack took the tablets. He was most amazed that his large meal went down easier than many other smaller meals. He surprisingly slept great — not like he was traveling and not like he hadn't eaten a bit too much. He was really surprised the tablets worked so well. So he looked into them.

That's when he found out they were one of Dr. Zand's favorite products for digestive issues. I have people try these tablets all the time. So far, everyone loves them. Even my wife, who is very healthy and rather thin says they help her digestion. She has never had digestive issues, she rarely overeats, and she makes sure she eats lots of greens. But even with a very healthy diet, she loves how they make her stomach feel.

So I encourage everyone over the age of 40 to take Integrative Digestive Formula — whether you have digestive issues or not. It's a great product that really works. It combines enzymes with a proprietary digestive formula, Chinese herbs, and mushrooms. It's unlike any digestive formula you've ever seen. And if you take it and find that it works for you, please tell your friends about it. It could make a huge difference in the quality of their lives as well.

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