The surprising cause of joint and muscle pain in the fall and winter

Volume 6    |    Issue 79

It's fall and winter is right around the corner. How do your joints feel? How about your muscles? If they're not feeling that great, and the massage and chiropractor visits didn't help, there might be a solution you wouldn't expect.

During the fall and winter months, your body is preparing for winter. It knows that cold weather is on the way, so it's taking steps to insulate and rebuild during the coldest time of the year. One of those steps includes storing proteins and fats in the synovial fluid. This is the fluid around your joints. And your body stores proteins and fats there to rebuild your muscles and joints after exercising.

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However, if your body doesn't have enough protein to keep muscles strong, it will use this reserve first. That's why your joints and muscles will ache when it gets cold — you don't have enough protein. And it's a pain that won't respond to massage and chiropractic care.

Obviously, anyone who has been a vegetarian for years will be most susceptible to this type of pain. But they're not the only ones who can suffer. People who eat a lot of carbs, especially for snacks, will be more likely to have this type of pain. And people who have digestive issues might not be absorbing the protein they eat — even if they're eating enough protein.

So what can you do if you have joint or muscle pain that doesn't respond to massage or chiropractic? It's really quite simple. All you need to do is make a protein shake using Advanced Protein Powder. It might take a couple of shakes before you notice a difference. And drink one of these shakes any time you feel joint and muscle pain throughout the fall and winter.

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