Reversing Alzheimer's with nutrients is now possible

Volume 6    |    Issue 82

Back in September, I showed you how nutrients can have a dramatic impact on Alzheimer's disease. After that article went out, Dr. William Maxfield emailed me a study that was even more impressive than the one I discussed. This study showed how one particular nutrient can significantly improve the symptoms of Alzheimer's. And Dr. Maxfield told me how you can get even better results.

As you may know, conventional medicine hasn't been able to offer much help for Alzheimer's. Drugs just haven't given much hope. So the fact that a nutrient and a simple oxygen treatment can completely reverse it seems impossible. But let's look at the study.

The researchers in this study wanted to investigate "the effect of an aloe polymannose multinutrient complex (APMC) formula on cognitive and immune functioning" in Alzheimer's patients. APMC is basically aloe polymannose (or acemannan) combined with other nutrients. Acemannan is the polysaccharide in aloe that gives the herb much of its famous healing abilities.

The researchers gave four teaspoons of this supplement to Alzheimer's patients over a one-year period. Then they tested the subjects every three months. It wasn't until the ninth month that the researchers saw an improvement. But at that point, the improvement was significant. They found that this significant cognitive improvement occurred in 46% of the patients. That's astounding! Remember, nothing conventional medicine has can offer any improvement.

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The researchers also discovered that the aloe formula was able to significantly decrease several cytokines and inflammatory factors. This means the formula was able to reduce inflammation in the brain. The researchers said, "Our results showed improvements in both clinical and physiological outcomes for a disease that otherwise has no standard ameliorative remedy." All of this without any side effects.

So how can you improve on such fantastic results? Dr. Maxfield said that a doctor in England gave aloe to one of his Alzheimer's patients and also had him use hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO). HBO is a very popular treatment where you lie down in a small chamber. The pressurized oxygen helps your body absorb oxygen better. And it increases the pressure of the oxygen in your system, pushing it into the smallest capillaries. Divers use HBO to reverse the bends (decompression sickness).

When this British doctor gave the combination to his patient, something shocking happened. It almost completely reversed his symptoms. Obviously, this is anecdotal evidence. But any reversal of Alzheimer's is amazing. I'd like to see studies done on this combination. However, there's no need to wait for them to be done. Both aloe and HBO are safe and effective. If I had Alzheimer's, I'd be using both of them.


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