When stress causes your gastrointestinal problems, try this two-nutrient combination

Volume 6    |    Issue 84

Do you suffer from severe stress-related digestive problems? If so, you may have changed your diet, only to have the pain continue. You also may have tried probiotics and other supplements, but haven't been able to find relief. Sometimes, you have to try the unexpected to see the problem disappear.

Take David for instance. He's a 55-year-old businessman with severe gastrointestinal problems. He's seen doctor after doctor, and tried remedy after remedy. But he's never been able to find relief. Until he went to see my friend and colleague Dr. Tracy. She put him on a supplement combination that surprised David. It wasn't your usual gut treatment of probiotics, enzymes, and fiber.

Instead, Dr. Tracy put him on licorice root and pregnenolone. Licorice root, as you may know, is a great treatment for gut problems. It's especially effective for people who have significant emotional stress. That, in fact, is why she chose this particular herb. David's schedule and occupation were high stress endeavors. He was always stressed out. And licorice root has the ability to maintain the mucosal lining of the stomach and duodenum. This helps protect your digestive tract against the ravages of stress. The recommended dose is usually 200-500 mg daily. But you can take up to 500 mg twice daily if you need extra protection.

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The pregnenolone is a great treatment for adrenal fatigue. Many cases of digestive issues are caused by adrenal problems — and vice versa. The adrenals and your digestive tract are closely aligned. So taking care of one will often help the other. So taking the pregnenolone helps boost the adrenals and, in turn, it helps the digestive tract. The usual dose for pregnenolone is 25 mg.

So how did this work for David? It turned him around in just a few weeks. He was able to work out better. He felt better. And he couldn't believe that these two supplements could turn him around so quickly.

When people have digestive problems caused by stress, it's always important to treat the adrenal glands. You don't always need pregnenolone to accomplish this. Sometimes other adaptogenic herbs, such as ashwagandha, can help. I typically suggest using Advanced Adrenal Factor first. It contains licorice root, but not pregnenolone. If that doesn't fully knock out the problem, then definitely add the pregnenolone.


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