Can this nutrient reduce your life insurance premiums?

Volume 6    |    Issue 88

There’s one nutrient than can help you with several factors insurance companies use to determine life insurance premiums. These include your weight, whether you smoke or not, your cholesterol levels, and your blood pressure. This nutrient is berberine.

Of course, there are those things nutrients can’t help you with at all. These include your age, your gender, your financial situation, your occupation, any risky pastimes you might have, and the amount of the policy. But there are other areas where nutrients might be able to bring your premiums down a lot.

In fact, there’s one nutrient in particular than can help you with several other factors the insurance company is going to consider. These include your weight, whether you smoke or not, your cholesterol levels, and your blood pressure. This nutrient is berberine.

Berberine is a component of the Chinese herb Coptis Chinensis root. But you can find it in the American plants Oregon Grape root and barberry root, as well. As you’re about to see, it’s a powerful nutrient that might just save you money on your insurance premiums. First, berberine can help you if you smoke. In my work with substance abusers, I’ve found that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances we deal with. The craving for other drugs and alcohol will disappear long before nicotine cravings do.

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Berberine is great for desensitizing the brain for addiction to nicotine. It helps reduce the cravings and keep the brain’s focus elsewhere. (By the way, berberine also prevents the sharp drop in oral peroxidase levels from cigarette use, which halts the progression of oral cancer. And it can prevent cigarette smoke-induced lung injury.) Obviously, as far as your life insurance premiums are concerned, its ability to reduce nicotine cravings is huge. Stop smoking and your premiums will drop.

But berberine can help in other ways too. One of the more powerful abilities of berberine is to lower your cholesterol. One study found that a berberine supplement lowered cholesterol better than the statin Zetia. And it was better tolerated by the participants, with no negative side effects. What’s more, the berberine helped the participants lose an average of five pounds of weight as well. I’ve seen this in other people who take berberine. Many of them take it to lower their cholesterol and find that they lose an inch or two around their waste as well.

Finally, berberine can help lower your blood pressure and your blood sugar (an added benefit that your insurance company might not notice). In fact, the author of one study said that “recent discoveries have provided novel evidence that it may be considered a promising tool to counteract metabolic and cardiovascular disorders.” And another study showed it can lower fasting glucose by 20% and two-hour oral glucose tolerance test scores by 26%.

So if you’re looking to get life insurance any time soon, now’s the time to start taking berberine. Give it at least three months to work on your cholesterol. Obviously, the longer you can take it, the better results you’ll have. You can find berberine in Advanced Bionutritionals' new Mediterranean Cholesterol Formula. I’ve told you about this supplement before. It’s fabulous for lowering cholesterol and for your overall health. And it’s one nutrient that can quickly pay for itself through lower life insurance premiums.


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