Mediterranean diet better for the heart than taking statins

Volume 6    |    Issue 89

The Mediterranean diet is better than statins at reducing the risk of an early death. The first major study to look at the impact of the Mediterranean diet on survival of heart patients shows it cuts the risk of early death by 37%.

A doctor friend of mine told me an amazing statistic the other day. He said, “If people would take responsibility for their own health – particularly their diet – it would cut my business down by 80% or more.” He wasn’t exaggerating.

Taking his statistic and looking at it in a personal way for you, consider this: You could avoid approximately 80% of all health problems if you simply take responsibility for you own health. A new study on heart disease shows why this is true.

In this study, researchers followed 1,200 Italians with heart disease for over seven years. During those seven years, the participants recorded their food intake. The researchers took these food-intake records and scored them according to their adherence to the Mediterranean diet. They used a nine-point scoring system in order to measure adherence.

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Once they tallied up the scores, they noticed something that startled conventional medicine. They found that a two-point increase in the Mediterranean diet score was better for you than taking a statin. Here are the numbers.

For every two-point increase in their adherence to the Mediterranean diet, there was a 21% reduced risk of death. And the people who had the closest adherence to the Mediterranean diet had a 37% lower risk of death compared with those who ate the worst diet. Compare these figures to statins.

Another study looked at 92 trials that followed 200,000 people. Those patients who had heart disease were 18% less likely to die early if they were taking statins. Other studies show that the people who benefit the most from statins are those who have already had a heart attack or have severe heart disease. So this is the best score statins can offer. Eating a strict Mediterranean diet is more than twice as effective as the best effect statins can have.

So while you’re standing in line to vote today, don’t just think about politics. Consider ways you can eat more foods that are on a Mediterranean diet. These include fish, olive oil, nuts, and lots of veggies. If you’re already suffering with heart disease, consider adding nutrients that are common in the Mediterranean diet. These include berberine, olive leaf extract, and artichoke leaf extract. You can find all of these in Mediterranean Cholesterol Formula. Taking it along with your healthful diet can significantly reduce your risk of having several heart problems.


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