Butyrate Boosts Gut Health and Helps Fight Obesity

Volume 6    |    Issue 93

If you love butter like I do, you're going to love this. Did you know there's a nutrient that gets its name from butter? That's because butter contains a lot of this nutrient. What's more, this nutrient is vital for your gut health, your brain health, and your ability to fight cancer.

The nutrient is butyrate. I call it butter-ate, even though that's not how you pronounce it. I like to eat butter, so calling it that makes it easy to remember.

Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid. Many people hear "short-chain fatty acid" and think "this is bad for me." But that's not the case. Your body needs short-chain fatty acids to function — but it needs the right ones. And butyrate is one of the good short-chain fatty acids. In fact, it's so good for you, it can help fight obesity, inflammation, and it can help fix leaky gut syndrome.

Butyrate fights obesity in a few different ways. First, it's a major source of energy for your colon cells. This helps with digestion and calorie usage. It also helps protect you against colon cancer. Second, it mediates the hormones in your gut, so you can stay thin without cutting back on calories. And third, it increases the synthesis of leptin, which reduces appetite. So, even though you don't need to eat fewer calories to lose weight, butyrate helps you eat less, allowing you to drop the pounds.

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How can you increase your dietary intake of butyrate? Obviously, eating butter is one way. Don't go crazy on the butter, but feel free to enjoy it in moderation. Other food sources of butyrate are grains, beans, onions, and bananas. But perhaps the best way to get more butyrate is to eat more fiber.

When you eat fiber, it feeds the good bacteria in your gut. And this bacteria has the ability to produce butyrate. In fact, the more fiber you eat, the more butyrate your gut makes. You can see how all of this works together to keep your gut healthy and your weight down.

You can buy butyrate in supplement form. NutriCology has a good product called ButyrAid, which you can buy online. But you have to be careful when taking butyrate supplements. They can cause abdominal discomfort and gas, especially when you first start taking it. And if you take too much, it can actually disrupt the gut barrier. So if you buy the supplement, take it easy on dosage and take a break from it periodically.

Obviously, the best way to get more butyrate is to have your own gut bacteria produce it. So eating more fiber is where you should start. A tasty way to get more fiber is by eating a tasty BHU Fit Fiber Bar from Advanced Bionutritionals. Each of these bars has 10 grams of fiber and 12-14 grams of protein. I eat one or two of these a day and really enjoy the flavor. It's also great to know you're eating something that's good for you as well.


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