It Is Healthier to Give Than to Receive

Volume 6    |    Issue 102

Merry Christmas! I hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend! Since giving gifts is one of the highlights of this season, I wanted to encourage you to take the Christmas spirit with you throughout the year. That's because giving is actually good for you.

We know that giving helps those that receive the gifts. But a new study out of the University of Buffalo says that giving and unselfishness significantly lowers your risk of dying prematurely. The study didn't just focus on giving physical gifts. It also looked at serving others. So whether you're giving gifts to your loved ones or running errands, watching their children, or some other form of service, you're decreasing your risk of dying young.

The researchers said, "Our conclusion is that helping others reduced mortality specifically by buffering the association between stress and mortality."

The stress connection is very interesting, considering this is Christmas. One of the gifts the Wise Men gave to the baby Jesus was frankincense. This is an oil often given to anoint kings in ancient times. And it was prized more highly than gold in many cultures. That's because it has amazing healing attributes. One of those attributes is stress relief. It can calm your mind, ease anxiety, and reduce nightmares.

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So if you're stressed out from all the craziness of shopping and traveling, take some time this weekend to relax and enjoy giving gifts. If you need a little help relaxing, try using some frankincense. Both giving gifts and the frankincense are great for your long-term health.

And, keeping with the Christmas spirit, I wanted to give you a gift this Christmas season. At the top of this e-mail, you’ll notice a banner that says Advanced Bionutritionals is giving you a $25 coupon. That means if you purchase any of the supplements that are listed, you get $25 off along with free shipping. So make sure you take advantage of this offer before it's gone. Just follow the link in the box and order any supplements you want. The discount will be applied automatically when you checkout.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebrating with loved ones. As you celebrate, remember the reason for the season from this Christmas carol:

We have come once again
To the time of the year
When we celebrate, yeah
So let our hearts fill with holiday
Let's clap and rejoice
For the birth of the Lamb is why we dance*

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