Heartburn Pills in Pregnancy May Be Linked to Childhood Asthma

Volume 7    |    Issue 10

We've known for some time that heartburn drugs can cause all kinds of health problems. For instance, proton pump inhibitors, which are the most commonly used drugs for heartburn, can cause osteoporosis and vitamin B12 deficiency. Others provide extra calcium. This is partly because the drugs decrease your body's ability to absorb calcium. But the extra calcium can cause serious arterial problems. So you're losing in multiple ways with these drugs. And now there's evidence that these drugs can harm children.

In a new study on heartburn medication and pregnancy, researchers found that the drugs significantly increase the baby's risk of developing asthma. Because the baby is taking up so much room in the abdomen, heartburn is a common problem for pregnant women. Not knowing there are alternatives, these women turn to the over-the-counter drugs. In the process, they could be doing significant harm to the baby.

The study was a review of eight previous studies involving more than 1.3 million children. That's a big review study. The researchers looked at healthcare registries and prescription databases that linked information about both mothers and children. They found that “children born to mothers who had been prescribed acid-blocking drugs during pregnancy were at least one-third more likely to have visited a doctor for symptoms of asthma.”

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Sadly, these mothers could have completely avoided the drugs, the heartburn, and the asthma in their children. All they needed to use was melatonin. I've told you in the past how effective melatonin is for treating heartburn. In fact, I've heard from many of you telling me just how effective it is for you. And if the melatonin doesn't work well enough by itself, you can add d-limonene to it and the two together often work even better.

So if you suffer from heartburn, do what you can to find out what's causing it. It could be a particular food (avoid that food), it could be too little stomach acid (in which case HCl tablets can help tremendously), or it could be pregnancy. If you can't get the heartburn to stop, then give melatonin and/or d-limonene a try. You can find both of these (and the HCl) online and in many health food stores.

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