Appendix Serves Important Function

Volume 7    |    Issue 14

Most people think the appendix serves no real purpose in the body. For decades researchers have been trying to figure out what the small narrow pouch does. All they know is that it has a tendency to become inflamed and rupture if it's not removed in time. And they believe that removing it has no real effect on the body. That is, until now.

New research from Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine suggests that the appendix may serve an important purpose.

The team of researchers has been looking at the appendix of various mammals in an attempt to determine its value to the body. The researchers determined whether 533 animal species had an appendix or not. Then they looked at other gastrointestinal and environmental traits to determine why some species have an appendix while others don't.

What they found is that the animals with an appendix have higher average concentrations of lymphoid (immune) tissue in the cecum. This means that the appendix likely play an important role in the immune system. While it's not a primary immune organ, it does appear to play a secondary role. But that's not all the researchers discovered.

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They also found that this lymphatic tissue in the appendix stimulates the growth of some types of beneficial gut bacteria. This could partially explain its role in the immune system, as gut bacteria play an important role in your immune system. It also suggests that the appendix may serve as a "safe house" for helpful gut bacteria.

Because the appendix may serve as a reservoir for beneficial gut bacteria, removing the organ could significantly hinder your digestive tract and your immune system. So if you've ever had your appendix removed, it's vital you take a good probiotic, such as Advanced Probiotic Formula, to keep your beneficial bacterial levels up. You may need to take more than the amount recommended on the bottle, since you've lost your "safe house" for additional bacteria.

This is particularly important if your body is under attack from invading pathogens. Back in 2007, researchers out of Duke University found that when the body is under attack by pathogens, the appendix releases probiotic bacteria that would perfectly counter the specific type of invaders. If you don't have your appendix, you're missing this protection. So any time you're not feeling well, take additional probiotics to help your body fight the invading pathogen.

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