Antibiotics as an Alternative to Surgery as Treatment for Appendicitis

Volume 7    |    Issue 16

It was nearly 25 years ago when I first heard that surgery for appendicitis may not be necessary. As you may know, appendicitis is considered an emergency situation requiring surgery. If the appendix bursts, it can cause an extremely serious, if not deadly, situation. So doctors don't like to mess around with it. They would rather remove the organ and remove all concern.

But what if surgery weren't necessary? Dr. William Campbell Douglass taught me back in the early 1990s that it wasn't necessary in most cases. He said he cured appendicitis simply by administering penicillin. This wasn't an old folk tale. He actually treated it successfully — without any complications — with the antibiotic.

Well, now, nearly 25 years later, medical science is finally agreeing — sort of. Researchers at the University of Southampton recently showed that antibiotics may be an effective treatment for acute non-complicated appendicitis in children. They didn't say whether it would work in adults or not. But Dr. Douglass insisted it would. Fortunately, most cases of appendicitis occur in children and teenagers, so the number of people this will affect is quite high.

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In this study, Nigel Hall, who is the associate professor of Pediatric Surgery at the University of Southampton, conducted a review of the existing literature published over the past 10 years. The review included 10 studies reporting on 413 children who received non-operative treatment rather than an appendectomy. The fact that there were this many studies shows just how widespread this knowledge is, yet the medical world still focuses on surgery.

Some might argue that the reason we focus on surgery is that it's possible to have a recurrent appendicitis when using antibiotics. But the research showed that only 14% of those who took the antibiotics ever saw a recurrence. That's a very low rate. And considering the safety of antibiotics versus surgery, doctors should always opt for the safer option first. Surgery is always possible later if absolutely necessary.

As I showed you last week, the appendix plays an important role in regulating the beneficial bacteria in your gut. So saving the appendix is important. Even though the antibiotics will kill the bacteria, this is a reversible situation. And the appendix can be restored to full operation — protecting the microflora of your gut

If you have to take antibiotics for an appendicitis — or have the surgery — you'll want to make sure you take ample amounts of Advanced Probiotic Formula afterward to protect your gut.

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