Niacin Can Prevent Strokes

Volume 7    |    Issue 18

You probably know that your eyes are an extension of your brain. So nutrients that help your brain will also help your eyes. So over the next few issues of Nutrient Insider, I'm going to tell you about a remarkable nutrient that can completely stop strokes and glaucoma. It also can lower your cholesterol. And prevent heart attacks.

Before I tell you about the nutrient, let me tell you about Don. Don knew this nutrient could stop strokes. So he took the nutrient religiously. Then the news came. Don was in the emergency room having suffered a devastating stroke. What happened?

When asked, he was embarrassed. With a droopy lisp, he said, "I stopped taking it six months ago."

That six months without the nutrient was long enough to allow the stroke to occur. So what could have stopped the stroke? Quite simply, the very common, inexpensive nutrient niacin.

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Niacin, as you may know, is vitamin B3. It's well-known for causing a sometimes uncomfortable flushing when you take it. But there's a lot of science behind its health benefits. It's invaluable for lowering your cholesterol and protecting your heart, your brain, and your eyes. Just how well can it prevent strokes?

Nearly four years ago, a study came out saying niacin doesn't work for preventing strokes or heart attacks. But the study used slow-release niacin, which isn't very effective. It's essentially an adulterated form of the nutrient. So that study didn't show us much of anything about using regular niacin.

Back in 2008, a study of the literature showed that niacin can be extremely useful in preventing stroke. The review found clear evidence that niacin is effective at raising HDL cholesterol levels. Furthermore, the authors of the study said it's also effective at "reducing cardiovascular events in individuals with high vascular risk and can be used for treatment of stroke patients with low serum HDL." The authors said niacin should be used to prevent strokes.

So if you want to prevent a stroke, take regular niacin every day. Next week, I'll show you how this nutrient can stop glaucoma. I'll tell you how much you need to take. And I'll show you how to avoid the uncomfortable flushing.

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