Fish oil and niacin can protect small areas of the brain from stroke, dementia

Volume 7    |    Issue 21

If protecting your brain against dementia and stroke is a high priority, then I've got some great news for you. I've already told you that high-doses of niacin can work wonders for your brain (and even your eyes). But there's something you can take with niacin to virtually guarantee you'll never have a stroke and avoid dementia too. And it might even help you recover from a damaged brain if you've already suffered a stroke.

A few years ago, I told you two incredible stories. One was about the coal miner in West Virginia who almost died after a mining accident. The other was about a teenager who suffered a severe brain injury in a car accident. Neither accident victim was supposed to recover. But both of them miraculously did. And both of them used the same protocol.

The primary ingredient in their treatment was fish oil. Used in conjunction with oxygen, the fish oil healed damaged brain tissue like the doctors had never seen. So here's the important question: Can taking fish oil with niacin have a similar effect? And can the combination prevent both stroke and dementia.

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The answer is absolutely yes! The success both of the accident victims experienced came largely because the oxygen therapy they used (hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBO) opened the capillaries in their brain tissue and allowed the fish oil to enter and work its magic. In a similar way, niacin also opens the capillaries, allowing the fish oil to penetrate further and work more effectively. HBO has a slight advantage in that it adds pressure to the oxygen, pushing it through and making it more effective. If you have brain damage, it would be the better way to go.

But if you don't have brain damage, studies show that fish oil alone can help reduce your risk of stroke. Take it with niacin, though, and it can have an even more dramatic effect. A healthy brain can have the capillaries opened without the pressure of HBO and allows the healthy flow of fish oil to the smallest regions of your brain.

Add some healthy plant oils to the fish oil, such as those found in Complete Daily Oils, and you could have the perfect anti-stroke and anti-dementia cocktail. Remember, it takes 2 grams of niacin and regular doses of fish oil to really see the effect you want.

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