Lock It In Weight Loss Program Helps You Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Volume 7    |    Issue 27

If you're looking to lose weight, you may have looked at NutriSystems, Quick Weight Loss, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and any number of other programs. Some of these programs are better than others. But almost all of them cost a lot more than what they advertise. In my area, for instance, one program advertises for $9 per month. But what they don't tell you is that by the time you pay for all the food, shakes, supplements, and everything else, it's over $4,000 to lose the weight. But what if you could lose those unwanted pounds for over 75% less than that? And what if you could lock in that weight and never gain it back, interested?

Jane Prescott sure was. Jane is 68 years old and weighed 201 pounds. She's only 5'6", so she was desperate to lose weight. She said, "I was feeling so bad. I couldn't sleep. I had no energy. I just was tired all the time — I didn't want to get up." That's when her doctor suggested she give the Lock It In program a try.

I've told you about Lock It In before. It's the only weight-loss program I recommend. I've done it myself and it works. It kick starts your metabolism with healthy food you buy at the grocery store (no prepackaged foods or shakes) and homeopathic drops to help curb your appetite. These drops really work! Just look at what this program did for Jane.

She went from 201 pounds to 165 pounds – and she did it without any exercise.

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What's more, she's been able to maintain the weight loss. That's another aspect of Lock It In that's really different than most programs. Once you reach your ideal weight, you Lock It In. This helps you stay at your ideal weight. To lock in your weight, metabolic specialist Nancy Masoud adjusts your diet program for your specific needs. By following her custom plan for you, the weight falls off and stays off.

Once you're done losing the weight, you know how to eat to keep the weight off and live a much healthier life. You learn how to overcome cravings, eat good foods, and listen to your body. After the program is complete, you can live a normal life without having to take the homeopathic drops any more. Your body adjusts to the new diet. Your mind adjusts as well. Yes, you'll still want to eat ice cream (or your favorite dessert) periodically after the program is over. You can do that — and you'll know how to go right back to eating right the next meal so you don't gain weight.

Best of all, the program costs only $1,200 for everything. You get the first bottle of homeopathic drops (which is all most people need), the custom weight-loss program, urine sticks (which Nancy uses to track your ketones, pH, hydration, and other markers), and personal coaching all along the way.  You can schedule a free phone consultation with Nancy simply by calling the Real Health Medical Clinic at 678-990-5401.

Take the step Jane took and begin losing those unwanted pounds today.

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