A Probiotic Fix for Stress-Related Illness

Volume 7    |    Issue 28

Have you ever had an adrenaline rush? Most of us have. It can come from something fun, such as a rollercoaster. It can come from something scary, such as a horror movie. Or it can occur during an intense situation, such as an argument or fight. But most of us experience adrenaline rushes from everyday stress. What most people don't realize is that ongoing adrenaline rushes can have terrible effects on our health.

Take the men and women in the military for example. They can face continuous periods of excessive stress in "fight-or-flight" situations. This triggers their neurotransmitters to send surges of chemical through the body. While the adrenaline can save their lives, it also can have lasting effects on the body. These include anxiety and a much higher susceptibility to infection. Most of us aren't facing military conflict every day, but regular stress can take a similar toll.

Now imagine if you could swallow one pill that would protect you from these ongoing surges of adrenaline.

An engineer at Washington University in St. Louis is trying to develop such a pill. He's creating it from a beneficial strain of Escherichia coli, a commercially available probiotic. Because previous studies have shown the bacteria in our gut influence brain neurotransmitter systems, Tae Seok Moon is hoping to develop a probiotic that works specifically on these systems.

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"We tend to think the gut and the brain are separate, but recently, more researchers think they are connected through the microbiota-gut-brain axis," Moon said. "Because I'm an engineer, I asked how I could make probiotic bacteria that could be applied to this concept and deepen understanding of that connection."

Time will tell if Moon is successful in his research. But for now, we already know that the bacteria we have in our gut helps our brain function better. And they help us fight illness — even illness that comes from stress.

So there's no reason to wait for Moon to succeed. You have what you need to begin the process of fighting stress-related illness. First, eat a diet that's rich in fiber. Fiber feeds the good bacteria in your gut and helps them flourish. Second, take a supercharged probiotic, such as Advanced Probiotic Formula. This product has been significantly upgraded in its potency and is now one of the best probiotic formulations on the market. It has over four times as many CFUs (colony forming units — a national standard for good bacteria in probiotics) as most probiotics. Taking it daily can help protect your brain and the rest of your body against disease.

Other studies, including one released in November 2016, have found that regular probiotics can protect against the effects of stress and anxiety. So there's no need to wait for a genetically modified probiotic. The ones we have now work rather well.

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