Cutting Salt Intake Can Dramatically Reduce the Need to Urinate at Night

Volume 7    |    Issue 29

When most people think of having to get up in the night to go to the bathroom, they think of prostate problems. But it's not just the prostate that can cause you to go in the night. In fact, many women suffer from nocturia (the need to pee at night). Fortunately, there's one simple dietary change that might end your endless night-time trips to the bathroom.

A recent study out of Japan found that one particular mineral can cause you to go to the bathroom during the night. Simply reducing how much you take can make a world of difference.

Just what is this mineral? It's sodium — or salt.

According to the researchers in this study, reducing the amount of salt in your diet can significantly reduce excessive peeing — both during the day and at night.

The researchers from Nagasaki University, led by Dr. Matsuo Tomohiro, looked at the salt intake of 321 men and women. All of them had a high salt intake and had problems sleeping. The researchers told the participants to reduce their salt consumption. And they followed their progress for 12 weeks.

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Nearly 70% of the participants (223 members of the group) were able to reduce their salt intake from 10.7 gm per day to 8.0 gm/day. In this group, the average night-time frequency of urination dropped from 2.3 times per night to 1.4 times. That's a 61% drop in the number of times they went to the bathroom! What's more, their need to go during the day went down as well.

In contrast, 98 of the participants increased their average salt intake from 9.6 gm per night to 11.0 gm per night. Their need to urinate increased from 2.3 times per night to 2.7 times per night.

As you might imagine, the quality of life for those who went to the bathroom less improved significantly. They found that they slept more, and they experienced less stress, irritability, and tiredness.

So if you find that you're going to the bathroom more than usual — or if you're losing sleep because you have to go — then try cutting back on your salt intake. Solving your problem could be that simple.

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