Low Protein Diet Can Destroy the Liver

Volume 7    |    Issue 31

If you asked most people if they think obese people are malnourished, they would laugh at you. After all, people who are overweight are eating too much, not too little, right? While that's true, they're usually eating foods lacking any real nutrients. So they might be eating too much, but the reason they're eating too much is that their body is telling them they need more nutrients.

Usually, one of the main sources of nutrition they're missing is protein. Dr. Robert Atkins saw this when he published his now famous Atkins Diet book. This diet is rich in protein. And people who followed the diet lost weight.

One of the biggest health problems we're seeing in the U.S. now is liver disease. The reason is directly related to our lack of protein in our diets. A recent study examined the impact of a low protein diet on the liver. The researchers monitored groups of mice and their protein intake. One group ate normal levels of protein. The other group ate very low levels of protein for five weeks.

At the end of the five weeks, the researchers found that the liver of mice on a low protein diet had decreased in size by 65%. They also had a 46% reduction in the volume of liver cells (hepatocytes) and a 90% increase in the total number of binucleate hepatocytes (liver cells with two nuclei). This caused a significant decrease in the functionality of the organ. For instance, the damaged livers produced 20% less albumin. This is a protein produced by the liver. It's an important biomarker of nutritional functionality of the organ.

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A damaged liver can't eliminate toxins effectively. And this can cause problems for the brain and other organs. One sign of a damaged liver is confusion. This can lead to severe brain damage and even death. So it's vital you take care of your liver.

Another breakthrough of this study was that the researchers found that a damaged liver can heal. When alcohol damages your liver, the damage is often permanent. But when damage occurs because of malnutrition, these researchers found that the liver can heal simply by introducing more protein into the diet.

So if you find that you're overweight or your mind doesn't work as well as it should, you might not be getting enough protein. Or you could be eating too much junk food — or both. Good quality protein, along with plenty of fruits and vegetables, can go a long way to restoring good liver and brain function.

Since most of us don't eat a diet that consists primarily of protein, fruits, and veggies, it's vital you take extra supplements to nourish your liver. One of the best ways to keep your liver healthy is with Advanced Liver Support. The nutrients in this formula can help heal a malnourished liver and restore it (and your brain) to good health.

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